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Title: An Overview of the Financial Impact of the Canadian Music Industry
Author: Douglas Hyatt [University of Toronto]

Ontario Media Development Corporation

Year: 2008


Subject/Type: IP Protection
Focus: Copyright, Economic / Financial Impact
Country/Territory: Canada
Objective: To measure the direct economic impact of the Canadian music industry and to collect information about Canadian music creators.
Sample: 700 musicians, songwriters and vocalists
Methodology: Web-based survey

Main Findings

Musicians are generally in favour of granting copyright owners a large degree of control over the use of their work: 67.3% believed that the artist should have complete control, 27% believed that they should have some control, and only 1.4% preferred very little control. The remaining 4.3% did not know.

Almost 71 percent of musicians viewed unauthorised music file sharing as either a "major threat" (37.6%) or a "minor threat" (33.3%) to the music industry. 15% believed it to be "no threat at all", and 14.1 percent responded that they did not know.

When asked about their attitude toward unauthorised file sharing services, slightly fewer than 40% of respondents agreed that those were "generally bad for artists because they allow people to copy or use an artist's work without getting permission or compensating the artist". About 15% expressed the opinion that file sharing "is not really bad for artists since it helps promote and distribute an artist's work to a broad audience". Agreeing with both statements, 34.4% of artists viewed unauthorised file sharing as both good and bad for musicians.

[Date Added: Aug 18, 2008 ]