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Organizer: Union des Fabricants (UNIFAB)
Country/Territory: France
Language: English
Focus: General Counterfeits, General Piracy
Outreach Tools: Campaign, Cartoon Animations / Comics, Events, Exhibitions, Media Coverage, Museum, Newsletters, Posters / Printed Materials, Social media, Spokespersons / Spokescharacters, Studies, Website
Target Audience: Consumers, General Public, Kids / Tweens / Teens, Tourists



- "Arrêtez d’avaler n’importe quoi! La contrefaçon met en danger votre sante et votre sécurité" (2012)

- "Contrefaçon? Du tac au tac, dites NON au toc!" (2011; includes the distribution of 150,000 kits including comics, games and postcards to inform tourists about the risks, dangers and consequences of counterfeit goods; the "Vera" and "Knockoff" spokescharacters target the younger public)

- "Stop aux Faux" (2010; includes the distribution of 80,000 flyers, fans and bracelets to remind consumers of the negative consequences of buying fake products)

- "Le vrai prix de la contrefaçon"/"The real price of counterfeiting" (2009; in cooperation with the IACC); objective: to raise awareness about the connexion between counterfeiting and organized crime; includes posters shown in all major airports including Charles de Gaulle, in 500 French Customs checkpoints located throughout the country and distribution of fliers and goodies to holidaymakers to raise awareness about counterfeiting and its implications; slogans: "Je suis dans le vrai. Je n’achète pas de faux" ("I am original, I don't buy fake"); "Quand vous achetez de la contrefaçon, vous soutenez des activités criminelles" ("When you buy counterfeit goods, you support criminal activity")

- "Faux contrefaçons COPIER c'est tricher"/"Fake counterfeits COPYING is cheating" (2008; slogan: "Stop aux Faux!"/"Stop Fakes!")

- "Contrefaçon: contre Nature!" (2007)

Museum of Counterfeiting: presents the phenomenon of counterfeiting in numerous industrial sectors; it servers as an effective awareness raising tool for the general public, in particular students; exhibits inform the visitors about the extent of counterfeiting and its consequences

Temporary exhibitions: "Faux du logis: La contrefaçon dans l’environnement domestique"; "Images de marques"; "Contrefaçon et Internet: De clics en couacs!"; "Contrefaçon: Carton rouge"; "Sens Interdits"; "Faussement votre"; "Logiciel no copy"; "Il y a de l'innovation dans l'air"; "Tricher n'est pas jouet"

Studies: "L’impact de la contrefaçon vu par les entreprises en France" (2010); "Rapport Contrefaçon et Criminalité Organisée" (2005)

Anti-counterfeiting Mickey Mouse Magazine (Journal de Mickey) special number: "A bas les copieurs" (2005)

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