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Organizer: South African Federation against Copyright Theft (SAFACT)
Country/Territory: South Africa
Language: English
Focus: Film Piracy, General Piracy, Music Piracy, Software Piracy
Outreach Tools: Campaign, Helpline / Hotline, Media Coverage, Newsletters, Posters / Printed Materials, Print / Radio / TV PSAs, Spokespersons / Spokescharacters, TV / Radio Programs, Website
Target Audience: Consumers, General Public


"Be Your Own, Buy Your Own" campaign that encourages South African consumers to respect copyright

Anti DVD piracy public service announcements (2009; in cooperation with Stepping Stones Pictures, Zoopy and Next Video) featuring Kenneth Nkosi and Rapulana Seiphemo, who co-wrote, star in and co-own the popular South African movie "White Wedding"; Nkosi and Seiphemo make the point that people buying pirated DVDs are effectively stealing from them and harm not only their business but also the local film industry

Campaigns: "Fake Fakes" (launched in 2006), involving the sale of DVDs containing anti-piracy messages disguised as new release films such as "Tsotsi" at flea markets; "Crime Sucks"(launched in 2005): "Stop Piracy, Stop Crime"

Slogans: "We've won democracy. Now let's defend the rule of law"; "If it's pirated, it's theft"

Leaflet: "Put the brakes on fakes" (in cooperation with SARS customs)

"Do you copy?" newsletter

Piracy reporting services

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