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Organizer: British Library Business & IP Centre
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Language: English
Focus: Intellectual Property
Outreach Tools: Brochures / Guides, Case Studies, Events, Exhibitions, Films / Videos, Helpline / Hotline, Newsletters, Social media, Training, Website
Target Audience: General Public, Inventors, SMEs


Online distance learning courses: "Basics of Intellectual Property Protection", "Searching the Databases", "Analysing the Markets"

Guide: "Inventing - What you need to know to protect and commercialise your ideas" (2010): explains the process of inventing, from protecting your ideas to licensing and manufacturing

Exhibitions: "Inventing the 21st century" (explores the stories behind some of the most iconic inventions of the century’s first decade; 2010); "Weird and Wonderful Inventions and Gadgets" (2008)

"Invent it! campaign" (2010): calls on participants to inspire the next generation of ingenious Britons to develop the products to make your lives easier, from a mug of tea that never goes cold, to a smart phone battery that can last all week

"Ask an Expert" feature: free one-to-one business advice session (provides inspiration and practical advice on developing ideas)

Success stories (text/webcasts)

"British Library and HSBC Inspiring Entrepreneurs Webcasts"

Wiki: "Business Essentials on the Web": a one-stop shop listings site of useful websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs, including websites about IP

Workshops, podcasts and events

[Date Added/Updated: Mar 5, 2014]