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Organizer: UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO)
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Language: English
Focus: Intellectual Property, Licensing / Technology Transfer
Outreach Tools: Awards / Scholarships / Grants, Brochures / Guides, Competitions
Target Audience: SMEs, University Administrators, University Professors, University Students


"Fast Forward" competition (2011, 2012) open to UK universities and Public Sector Research Establishments, providing individual projects with funding ranging from £10,000 to £90,000; aims to to encourage innovative approaches to knowledge transfer from university research to real world products and services

"Lambert Tool kit" for universities and companies that wish to undertake collaborative research projects with each other; consists of a set of five Model Research Collaboration (one to one) Agreements numbered 1-5 and four Consortium (multi-party) Agreements lettered A-D and documents that should help you to use and understand those agreements

Guide: "A Guide to Managing Intellectual Property: Strategic Decision-Making in Universities"

[Date Added/Updated: Aug 30, 2012]