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Guide to Intellectual Property Outreach

The Guide to Intellectual Property Outreach PDF, WIPO Guide to IP Outreach was created in response to requests from IP offices and organizations. It provides advice on planning and carrying out public outreach campaigns:

Planning a Public Outreach Campaign

Thorough planning increases the chances that an outreach campaign will be effective in getting the right message to the right audience, and so contribute to the desired end result. This Guide sets out the key steps involved in the planning process and gives links to further information. It covers how to:

Using Communication Tools Effectively

An effective communications program will combine some or all of the following tools to communicate the intended message to the target audience:

The tools used depend on the strategic goals, the objectives of the communication program, the profile of the target audience, the various advantages and disadvantage of each tool, and the communications budget.

Whichever tools are used, it is important to maintain consistency in the aesthetic appearance, linguistic style and tone, and message (including facts, figures, slogans, quotes) used in all the communications products for a single campaign. Without this consistency, the message will not be as effective, even if the target audience is exposed to several of the communication products. Worse still, a lack of consistency may confuse or distract the target audience.

Note Guides such as this cannot replace the services of local communications professionals. Moreover, local customs and culture have a major impact on how messages are worded and promoted in publicity campaigns in different countries. The WIPO Guide to Intellectual Property Outreach has therefore been stripped to the essentials which tend to apply worldwide.

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