Studies on Industrial Property

In the context of WIPO’s legislative assistance to Member States, the WIPO Secretariat has commissioned a number of studies on aspects of public policy. Upon completion, these will be made available to Member States to help inform their choices.

So far, the following areas for studies have been identified:

  • The management of IP assets by private-public partnerships
    Private-public partnerships have been recognized as a useful tool for addressing orphan diseases. This study aims to assess whether they have been successful in managing IP and, where not, to identify the causes and possible solutions.
  • The relationship between IP law and antitrust law
    The purpose of this study is to clarify the relationship between IP and potentially anti-competitive practices, with a view to preventing the latter.
  • The extent to which developing countries have used TRIPS flexibilities as regards access to pharmaceutical products
    This study aims to produce a factual survey of practices by developing countries.