Slovenia (SI)

Procedures Applying when this Contracting Party is Designated


The Office does not republish the international registration.

Examination Procedure

The Office carries out examination on substantive grounds, other than novelty and individual character, on issues such as the definition of a 'design', public order and morality and the protection of State emblems and also checks if an industrial design subsists in features of appearance of a product which are solely dictated by its technical function.

Opposition Period

Not applicable.

Time Limit for Responding to Refusal

Three months from date of the notification issued by the Office (extendable once, for an additional three months).

Effect as Grant of Protection

The international registration has the effect as a grant of protection as from the international registration date.

Creator requirements

The creator of the industrial design must be a natural person.

Priority documents
Representation before the Office

Holders of international registrations may not file documents or appear directly before the Office. Only representatives whose names have been entered in the Register of Representatives maintained by the Office shall be authorised to act before the Office. A list of all agents is available on the website:

Fees payable on division of the international registration

Not applicable.

Last updated on: June 2, 2017