Poland (PL)

Procedures Applying when this Contracting Party is Designated


The Office republishes international registrations after examination, in Polish, in the Wiadomości Urzędu Patentowego (WUP) at:

Examination Procedure

The Office carries out examination on substantive grounds, including a limited examination as to novelty and individual character.

Opposition Period


Time Limit for Responding to Refusal

Two months from the date of receipt of the notification (non-extendable).

Effect as Grant of Protection

The international registration has the effect as a grant of protection as from the international registration date.

Creator requirements

The creator of the industrial design must be a natural person.

Priority documents

Not applicable.

Representation before the Office

Holders of international registrations may not appear before the Office directly. Representation is required by a patent attorney who is registered with the Office. A list of patent attorneys may be obtained directly from the Office or at:

Fees payable on division of the international registration

Not applicable.

Last updated on: January 29, 2018