Latvia (LV)

Procedures Applying when this Contracting Party is Designated


The Office does not republish the international registration.

Examination Procedure

The Office carries out examination on substantive grounds, other than novelty.

Opposition Period

Three months from the date the international registration is published in the International Designs Bulletin (non-extendable).

Time Limit for Responding to Refusal

Three months from the date of receipt of the refusal (extendable for three months on the condition that the request is received before the expiry date of the relevant period and that the fee has been paid) (extendable for a further six months if the request is received not later than six months after the expiry of the prior time limit and the fee for the renewed extension has been paid).

Effect as Grant of Protection

The international registration has the effect as a grant of protection, if no refusal has been issued, as from the international registration date. If a refusal (partial or total) has been issued and the refusal has been subsequently withdrawn, the international registration has the effect as a grant of protection as from the international registration date.

Creator requirements

Not applicable.

Priority documents

Not applicable.

Representation before the Office

Holders of international registrations may not file documents or appear directly before the Office unless they are a legal, or natural person or have a permanent residence, or an undertaking in Latvia. Local representation is required by a professional attorney in all other cases. A list of patent attorneys is available from the Office or at:

Fees payable on division of the international registration

Not applicable.

Last updated on: July 26, 2017