Switzerland (CH)

Procedures Applying when this Contracting Party is Designated


The Office does not republish the international registration.

Examination Procedure

The Office carries out examination on substantive grounds on issues such as the definition of a 'design', public order and morality, and the protection of State emblems.

Opposition Period


Time Limit for Responding to Refusal

Two months from the date of receipt of the refusal (extendable under certain conditions).

Effect as Grant of Protection

The international registration has the effect as a grant of protection, if no refusal has been issued, as from the international registration date. If a refusal (partial or total) has been issued and the refusal has been subsequently withdrawn, the international registration has the effect as a grant of protection as from the international registration date.

Creator requirements

The creator of the industrial design must be a natural person.

Priority documents

Not applicable.

Representation before the Office

Whoever is involved in administrative proceedings provided for in the Swiss Design Act and does not have a residence or principle place of business in Switzerland, must designate an address for service in Switzerland. This is the requirement but the design holder can be represented by an agent. A list of IP agents is maintained by the Office and can be obtained from the Office or at:

Fees payable on division of the international registration

Not applicable.

Last updated on: March 22, 2017