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Tips for E-filing (Version 1)

Technical information

  • use Mozilla Firefox (version 16), Opera, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (up to version 8) web browsers;
  • avoid use of the back and forward buttons in your web browser as system integrity is not ensured;
  • use the E-filing Helper (click on icons (?) (<)) for guidance;
  • the following tabs must be completed before submitting the application,-
    • tab 1: Applicant’s name, address and e-mail;
    • tabs 2 and 3: Entitlement to file and Applicant’s Contracting Party;
    • tab 8: Reproduction(s) with the product(s) indication;
    • tab 10: Designated Contracting Party(ies);
    • tab 13(a): Choice of publication (black and white or color);
    • tab 15: Signature;
    • tab 16: Summary/Validation.
  • the application can be printed after using the print button after submission (tab 16);
  • it is not currently possible to save and reuse an application filed through the interface;
  • in case of difficulties, users should use the paper form provided for under the Hague Agreement.

Before you file, it is recommended that

Payment information/fees

  • the fee calculator automatically calculates the fees, within the online application also, based on the data entered;
  • if paying by wire transfer or through a current account include the details in the payment section or, leave that section blank if you intend to pay by credit card; in that case, the International Bureau will contact you by letter to give you the reference number to enable you to enter the credit card details into the e-payment interface (note: the filing date is not affected if payment is not made at the time of the filing).


If you encounter a technical problem or require assistance, please call +41-22-338-9111 and ask for Hague Support or send an e-mail to

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