WIPOScan Software Package

WIPOScan Software Package

    WIPOScan is a digitization software package owned by WIPO to assist its member states to create national Intellectual Property (IP) Databases. With this software package, all paper-based IP documents, including patents, utility models, trademarks, and industrial designs, can be converted into digital format.


    A modular approach to the development was adopted to ensure compatibility with other WIPO systems and with other systems already in place in IP offices. The core functionalities of the system are scanning, editing of scanned documents, indexation, bibliographic data entry, dossier viewer including filter, and data management. The default language of the user interface of the system is English but localization support is available to enable offices to change the language of the interface to their preferred one.


    The modular system architecture ensures a flexible and scalable system which can be integrated with diverse IP administration and document management systems. Although the system works as an integrated software package, each module can serve as stand-alone software system.


    The WIPOScan Software Package supports a digitization business process so that paper documents are prepared, scanned, image quality enhanced followed by indexation, and optional bibliographic data capture. The digitized IP database is then exported to CD/DVD for data exchange with other IP offices and WIPO, archiving, and development of other added-value systems.

WIPOScan Modules

    The following is a brief description of the WIPOScan modules:


  • Scan Module

    The Scan Module is used for efficient batch separation after scanning multiple pages of a document. Any proprietary or open source scanning software which can streamline the batch scanning process of large volume documents, and produce TIFF images, can be used to feed documents into the Scan Module.

  • Scanned Document Editor (Quality Check) Module

    The Document Editor is used for basic image enhancement, editing, and indexation of sub-sections of a document. The module encompasses functions like document sub-section indexing, page reordering, page stamping, and automatic page numbering. Efficiency gains are also obtained from document clean-up operations whereby an operation can be automatically replicated to a range of pages selected by the user.

  • Dossier Viewer Module

    The Dossier Viewer is a simple interface for retrieving specific dossier images. Like other WIPOScan modules, the Dossier Viewer can stand-alone and can be provided to users who are mainly interested in viewing documents in a dossier.  The Module has a simple navigation, which enables users to jump to any page or section within a document. Also included in the module is a document filter which can be used to select a specific dossier in large-volume database.

  • Bibliographic Data Capture Module

    The Bibliographic Data Capture Module presents a simple and easy-to-use user interface for the capture of bibliographic data. This module has basic validation checks on data entry and stores the results of the data entry process in an XML file which could later be imported into an IP administration system or used in a data exchange program.

  • Document Management Module

    The Document Management module stores information on document indexation, document status and localization of images in a database management system. Currently, the WIPOScan is compatible with MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. The module has an Application Programming Interface (API) which enables extension of functionality and integration with other systems.


    Export to CD/DVD

      An Export to CD/DVD Module is included to facilitate data exchange between the offices using the system and WIPO or other cooperating partners. This module exports the document images in PDF format and the bibliographic data in WIPO Standard ST.36 format. A very simple and basic search facility with bibliographic data search fields is implemented using an open source search engine.