Frequently asked questions about the Industrial Property Automation System (IPAS)


IPAS source code and copyright belongs to WIPO.


Its modular design can be scaled up or down in terms of IP office size, IPlegislation, functionality, workflow complexity, IP data volumes and any other national IP requirements.

What IP titles it can automate?

IPAS is an integrated IP administration system that can automate the processing of trademarks, patents and industrial designs. Utility models or petit patents are also covered.

What can be customized?

Extensive customization including: national IP legislation, workflow processes, actions & statuses, legal time-periods and deadlines, templates of official correspondences, certificates, gazettes, language, calendar support, data migration from legacy databases. No software programming is required in IPAS at customization!

Is it Open Source?

IPAS has rather an open architecture and is developed on the Java technology platform. IPAS itself is a proprietary product of WIPO.

Training and technical support?

WIPO provides training and knowledge transfer to IPO staff to increase their self-reliance. It also provides online or on-site support to resolve any system related problems, as required.

Future enhancements

Ongoing enhancement of IPAS is an integral part of the IP Office Modernization Division. IPAS is continually improved in functionality, based on feedback from IP offices, and kept up-to-date to take advantage of new emerging technologies. New releases of IPAS are provided online via the Internet.

How much does it cost?

As it is owned by WIPO, IPAS is offered at no cost to requesting IP offices to develop and improve their capacity and efficiency of IP registration activities and to enable them to better serve their IP stakeholders. This includes training, technical support and new releases as appropriate.

How long does it take to implement IPAS?

IPAS functionality is ready to use but it needs three sets of information from an IP office before its deployment.

  • Complete, accurate data of national trademarks, patents, designs as required through data capture of paper records or data migration from legacy systems.
  • Knowledge of IP office's workflow processes as per national legislation, rules and regulations.
  • Prepared Word templates of official forms, correspondences, notifications, certificates, publications, gazettes, etc.

These tasks, especially for the database contents, are time consuming and sometimes require significant resources from the IP office. From experience, it can be anywhere from 6 months to 1 year for well prepared offices or longer for others.

Compliance with Standards

IPAS complies with WIPO and industry standards, for example, International Classifications (Nice, Vienna, Locarno, IPC) and other Standards relating to trademarks, patents and industrial designs wherever applicable.


IPAS can be interfaced with electronic document management systems for e-dossier functionality. IPAS can also export data that can be used by other non-IP systems of the office (e.g. back-office admin systems, accounting, etc.)