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Senior Management Team Vacancies

WIPO greatly appreciates the large number of applications received and thanks all applicants for their interest and offer of service. The assessment of applications has been completed. The Director General is in consultations with member states on the matter, and will provide the Organization’s governing bodies with the relevant documents in due course.

Following his reappointment for a second six year term of office, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry invites applications from qualified candidates for four positions of Deputy Director General (DDG) and three positions of Assistant Director General (ADG).

The DDGs and ADGs will serve on WIPO’s Senior Management Team to support the Director General throughout his second term in his role as Chief Executive, in accordance with policies and priorities established by WIPO’s member states. Successful candidates will take up their appointments on December 1, 2014.

Applicants will be selected on merit. The Director General also wishes to achieve gender and geographical balance in his Senior Management Team, and encourages applications from qualified women candidates.

Application & selection process

All candidates must complete the personal history form in WIPO’s e-recruitment system (in English or French), and attach a motivation letter indicating which portfolio(s) they wish to apply for.

Shortlisted candidates (with the exception of any currently serving DDG or ADG) will be assessed through an external assessment center and may be invited for interview.

  • Help on using e-recruitment PDF, E-recruitment user guide


Positions and portfolios

The Sector’s key objective is to facilitate cooperation for the use of IP for social, cultural and economic development to enable greater participation by developing and least developed countries (LDCs) in innovation and the IP system. It includes:

The Sector's priorities are to ensure the continued improvement and expansion of the PCT to the benefit of all of its users, to help implement national innovation strategies, and to support member states in their continued search for a balanced and productive way forward in norm-setting in the area of patents. It includes:

  • Operation of the international patent system through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which employs a third of WIPO’s staff and generates some 75% of its income;
  • Support for the work of the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP), the body responsible for development of international patent law;
  • Advice on development of national legislation and patent systems.

The Sector's responsibilities include:

The Sector manages WIPO’s program on copyright. It includes:

The Sector brings together programs related to the administration and management of WIPO. It includes:

The Sector coordinates and develops the technical architecture of the global IP system. It brings together a range of key WIPO services and assets, and coordinates and develops new components, including search tools, global databases and common platforms. It focuses on facilitating knowledge-sharing through sustainable knowledge infrastructures and by establishing a network of interconnected IP Offices that share a common platform. This will support the protection and use of IP assets, knowledge and information by all countries. It includes:

  • Find more detailed information about the organizational structure of WIPO, and about what each Sector does, in the Activities by Unit page.

Note: The above descriptions cover the essential activities of each portfolio, but elements may be moved from one portfolio to another to accommodate special competences or experiences of applicants or incumbents, or to meet the organizational needs.


Professional and managerial requirements

  • Expertise in the subject matter of one of the advertised portfolios and related fields, and familiarization with its key issues at the practical and policy levels.
  • Demonstrated managerial experience at a senior level. Applicants should have held senior managerial positions in the public or private sector with responsibility for the management of programs, as well as for financial and human resources.
  • Mastery of English or French. Competence in another UN language is an advantage.

Personal attributes

  • Accountable for his/her decisions and actions, and promotes ownership and responsibility at all levels.
  • High integrity, loyalty and maturity.
  • Communicates effectively, cultivates productive working relationships and shows leadership across the Organization and stakeholders.
  • Leads by example and inspires others.

Additional information

Appointment procedure

Article 9(7) of the WIPO Convention provides that the Director General shall appoint the DDGs after approval by the Coordination Committee

Regulation 4(8)(a) of the WIPO Staff Regulations and Rules PDF, WIPO Staff Regulations and Rules provides that the Director General shall appoint ADGs taking into account the advice of the Coordination Committee.

Since the establishment of the grade of ADG, the same procedure has been followed in practice for the appointment of ADGs as that envisaged in Article 9(7) for DDGs.

Duration of appointment

The term of appointment is intended to coincide with the term of office of the Director General, who has been appointed for six years from October 1, 2014, to September 30, 2020.

Should the Director General’s appointment end more than six months before its stated term, the appointments of the DDGs and ADGs would end six months after the end of the Director General's appointment.

Current WIPO staff

Any existing WIPO staff member who accepts an appointment as a DDG or ADG must renounce any permanent or continuing WIPO appointment that s/he holds, and will have no entitlement to return to any such permanent or continuing appointment following the end of his/her tenure as DDG or ADG.


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