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Building Respect for IP

Respect for intellectual property (IP), as a fundamental principle shared by all WIPO member states, led to the adoption, at the 2008 WIPO General Assemblies, of Strategic Goal VI “Building Respect for IP”. It is a broad, cross-cutting goal that is more inclusive than the narrower concept of enforcement. Strategic Goal VI calls for creating an enabling environment that promotes respect for IP in a sustainable manner, in the spirit of recommendation 45 of the WIPO Development Agenda.

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Building Respect for IP – An overview of recent WIPO activities in the field of building respect for intellectual property; and developments from around the globe. Quarterly.

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Advisory Committee on Enforcement

The Advisory Committee on Enforcement is the forum where WIPO member states and observers meet to discuss technical assistance and coordination aiming to build respect for IP. It has a purely consultative role and is not involved in norm setting.

Case law

A non-exhaustive collection of links to publicly and freely accessible online databases containing court decisions (or extracts of such decisions) or decisions of administrative bodies in the field of intellectual property law. 

Global Congress

The Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy is the event at which partners from the public and private sectors come together and pool their experience for more effective solutions to combat counterfeiting and piracy. 

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