World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO Enforcement-Related Training and Awareness-Raising Activities and Cooperation with Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental Organizations

January to December 2004

Dates Venue Title
January 23

March 3

Brussels, Belgium

 London, UK

Participation in the World Customs Organization (WCO) Planning Meetings for the preparation of the Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting in May
February 9 Bucharest, Romania Presentations on the Enforcement of Intel-lectual Property Rights in National Workshop organized by the European Commission Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office ("TAIEX") program
February 13-14 Madrid, Spain Participation in a discussion panel "Combatting counterfeit drugs: international organizations' perspective" of the Pre-Eleventh International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities (11th ICDRA) Satellite Workshop on Counterfeit Medicines co-sponsored by the Govt. of Spain and the World Health Organization (WHO)
March 8-9 Brussels Several presentations at the Multi-Country Workshop for Judges and Prosecutors on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights under the "TAIEX" program of the European Commission
March 25-6 Tatranske Matliare, Slovakia WIPO Workshop on Enforcement
March 29-31 Lusaka, Zambia WIPO Colloquium on the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property (in coop. with Office of the Inspector General and Government of Zambia)
March 29-31 Washington D.C., USA Participation in the Informal Meeting on Intellectual Property, Special Commission of the Hague Conference on Jurisdiction, Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements in Civil and Commercial Matters
April 4-5 Amman, Jordan WIPO National Seminar on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights for Judges and Prosecutors
April 14-15 Brasilia, Brazil Meeting on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights for Representatives of Countries of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), Boliva and Chile
April 14-16 Lyon, France Presentation at the Intellectual Property Crime Day on April 15 during the Second International Conference on Financial Crime organized by the Interpol Secretariat
April 16 Brasilia Regional Seminar on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
20-22 avril Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes; Maroc Ateliers itinérants de l'OMPI sur l'application des droits et le respect de la législation relative au droit d'auteur et aux droits connexes
April 21 - 27 The Hague Draft Hague Convention on Exclusive Choice of Court Agreements - Participation in the Second Session of the Special Commission
April 23-24 Guatemala City Seminar for Judges and Prosecutors; and Workshop with the Law Bar of Guatemala
April 24-25 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman WIPO Sub-Regional Conference on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights for the Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
May 3-4 Santiago, Chile National Workshop on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights for Prosecutors and Police Officers
May 11 Berne Participation in the AIPPI Switzerland General Assembly Meeting / Workshop on cross-border litigation strategies
May 12-13 Almaty, Kazakhstan WIPO-USAID Sub-regional Seminar on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
May 25-26 Brussels Participation in the Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting, organized by the WCO and Interpol
May 27-28 Alicante, Spain WIPO Forum on Intellectual Property and SMEs (Two panel sessions on IP enforcement)
May 27-28 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia Presentations in the TAIEX/WIPO Workshop for the Judiciary, Police and Customs on the Enforcement of IPRs
1 er juin Alger, Algeria Séminaire national de l'OMPI sur l'importance socio-economique et culturelle de la protection du droit d'auteur et des droits voisins et les retombees de la piraterie à l'attention des journalistes
June 2-4 Sandton (Johannesburg), South Africa Participation in the WTO Regional Workshop on Certain Topical Issues in Regard to Intellectual Property for English-Speaking African Countries
June 14-18 Geneva WIPO Colloquium in Intellectual Property for Judges from Sudan
June 16-17; 18-19 Nairobi, Kenya   National Workshop on Intellectual Property Law Enforcement; Colloquium on Intellectual Property for Judges, Magistrates and Members of the Kenya Industrial Property Tribunal
June 23-24 Brussels Presentation at the EU Conference "The TRIPS Agreement - Ten Years Later"
June 23-25 Warsaw, Poland Participation in the TAIEX Conference on Intellectual Property in a Changing Society
June 28-30 Geneva Second Session of the WIPO Advisory Committee on Enforcement
July 5- 9 Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City,
Viet Nam
WIPO National Roving Workshop on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
July 20-21 Colombo, Sri Lanka WIPO National Seminar on Enforcement of Copyright and Related Rights
September 2-3 Lyon Cooperation in Enforcement Matters at the International Level: Meeting at Interpol Headquarters
September 6-7   September 9-10 Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago Castries, St. Lucia WIPO Workshop on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights for Police and Customs Officers
September 15 Sofia, Bulgaria Presentation at the Balkan Legal Forum 2004 organized by the Legal Development Founda-tion - European Forum of the International Bar Association
October 4-7 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro Presentation in the Operational Seminar on the Role of the Customs in Combating Counterfeiting & Piracy organized by the CARDS Regional Project for Intellectual Property Rights Protection in the Western Balkans, in collaboration with the European Commission Directorate-General for Taxation and the Customs Union
October 7 - 9 Dead Sea, Jordan WIPO National Specialized Symposium for the Jordanian Judiciary
October 10 - 12 Dead Sea, Jordan WIPO National Specialized Symposium for Members of the Jordanian Judicial Institute
October 14 Amman, Jordan WIPO National Seminar on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights for Customs Officials
October 21-22 Rome, Italy Participation in the Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting: International Conference
October 26-27 Yerevan, Armenia National Seminar for the Judiciary and Other Law Enforcement Agencies on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
November 15-26 Geneva, Berne and Munich WIPO Colloquium for Judges for Romania, in cooperation with the European Patent Office, the German Federal Patent Court and the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, in Geneva, Berne and Munich
November 22-23 Shanghai, China Global Congress-WCO Regional Forum on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
December 2-3 Lyon, France Cooperation in the Seventh Meeting of the Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Action Group (IIPCAG)
December 13-15 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia WIPO National Workshop for Judges

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