Intellectual Property Teaching in Countries in Transition

IP Teaching Study

The purpose of this Study is to identify the special needs of countries in transitions with respect to intellectual property (IP) training and education, to define the different goals and objectives of such training, and to facilitate the development of a core curriculum and innovative methodologies for teaching IP in countries in transition.

Teaching IP is a very challenging task. It is nothing like teaching any other area of law. First and foremost, IP law covers many areas. Unlike tort law or criminal law, IP law deals not only with patentscopyrightstrademarks and trade secrets but also with unfair competition, right of publicity and more. Moreover, IP interacts with many other areas of law such as antitrust, torts, property law, and contracts. To get a thorough understanding of IP, one should also have a good grasp of its economic rationales, political ideology and the prevailing theories that brought this area to life. Understanding some aspects of IP, mainly in the area of patents, requires prior technical background in engineering, biotechnology, computer science and so on.

IP Teaching Web Portal

As part of the process of developing a series of studies for countries in transition, the Institute of Intellectual Property and Leadership at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE), in cooperation with WIPO, developed an “Intellectual Property Teaching” Web Portal, which is now available online under the following address:

IP Teaching Web Portal

The Web Portal has the objective to promote and increase the effectiveness of teaching and training on intellectual property for different target groups in countries in Central, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, as well as selected Mediterranean countries.  The Web Portal provides a platform for networking, building collective academic and professional expertise, promoting experience and best practices exchange between universities, various training and educating institutions, as well as among tutors, IP professionals, scientists, specialists and individuals involved in IP teaching.  The Web Portal also has the objective to develop a database of curricula and teaching materials, reflecting basic information about events related to teaching IP in countries in transition.  These materials will further enhance the development of the WIPO Study for Teaching IP in Countries in Transition. 


Intellectual Property Teaching
in Countries in Transition
(English PDF, Intellectual Property Teaching in Countries in Transition | Russian PDF, Преподавание права интеллектуальной собственности в странах с переходной экономикой)