Nation Branding in Countries in Transition


Nation Branding in Countries
in Transition

PDF, Nation Branding in Countries in Transition  (English)  PDF, Nation Branding in Countries in Transition (Russian

This tool deals with intellectual property, in particular, trademarks and geographical indications, as an instrument not only for developing a strong and distinctive brand image for national products and services but also, through such a process, for creating a strong and distinctive nation brand, in both cases, with a view of gaining a competitive advantage in domestic, regional and world markets.

The present tool aims to raise awareness about how enterprises can make a more creative and commercially effective use of trademarks and geographical indications in marketing their goods and services, not only to strengthen their own but also their country’s brand image and competitive advantage, and how, at the same time, they can take advantage of the national brands to market goods and services sold under their trademarks and geographical indications, thus generating powerful win-win synergies between individual and nation branding strategies. The ultimate goal is to explore lessons learned, identify good practices and, based on various experiences and experts’ advice and formulate a series of recommendations and guidance.