Inter-regional Conference on IP Teaching, Istanbul, Turkey, May 16 - 18, 2012

The objective of the Conference was to discuss and approve the newly developed draft Tool on Teaching IP in Countries in Transition, as well as discussing the issues of promotion and follow-up activities.
The conference was attended by experts from the DCEA region (Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine), about 25 Turkish and international participants representing public and private sector stakeholders and academia and two WIPO officials (Mr. Michal Svantner, Director, DCEA, and Mr.  Marcelo Di Pietro, Director, WIPO Academy).

Representatives and delegates who were designated by WIPO from among the 33 selected countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Mediterranean. The event marked the 4th annual meeting, where WIPO experts convene in Istanbul, in connection with the preparation of the “WIPO Tool on IP Teaching”, following on from the previous Inter-Regional conferences held successively in Poland (June 2009), Bulgaria (May 2010), and Kazakhstan (August 2011).

Following the joint opening ceremony for the international conference, some of the panels comprised of international and local speakers as well as country delegates and experts that have been invited by WIPO. A number of roundtables for experts also took place.

Under the general theme of managing intellectual property in universities, this conference was intended to focus on the teaching of IP in the context of current developments and challenges that face both the academia and industry, as well as exploring the means for effective commercialization of knowledge-driven intellectual assets.

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