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Guidelines for Preparing Annual Technical Reports

I. Requesting Access to the ATR Management System

1. To access the ATR Management System, please use the user name and password combination that your Office used last year for the preparation of your Annual Technical Report. In case the user name and password are not available, you must request the necessary access rights to the ATR Management System. To obtain these rights, the person responsible for the preparation and submission of the ATR is requested to first send an e-mail to the following address:

  • Subject: The "Subject" box of the e-mail should contain only your country or organization name and the ATR modality (i.e., patents, trademarks, or industrial designs), e.g., Subject: Canada, patents.
  • Message: The name of the person sending the e-mail, along with his/her e-mail address, and the name of the industrial property office or organization, should be given in the "Message" box.

No other text is necessary in either the "Subject" or "Message" box.  The contact information that you provide will not be available to third parties, but only to the International Bureau in order for us to contact the person responsible for the ATR, in case of need.  A separate e-mail must be sent for each ATR modality.  The International Bureau will reply to this message by sending an e-mail indicating the user name and password combination to access the corresponding online ATR form.

NOTE: For each type of ATR (patents, trademarks or industrial designs), there is a specific user name and password combination provided. The type of report is indicated in the "Subject" box of the e-mail. You are kindly requested to keep this user name and password combination for use in preparing your Annual Technical Report next year.

  • If you lose your password, you must request a new one, following the procedure indicated in paragraph 1, above. The same applies if a new person from your Office becomes responsible for filling out the ATR.
  • If you have problems accessing the system with the user name and password from last year, please send an e-mail to the following address:, indicating the exact nature of the problem.

II. Log-in Procedures

2. The ATR Management System is accessible from the ATR area of WIPO's website.

3.  Click on "Create Annual Technical Reports". In the log-in window, enter your user name and password, respecting upper and lower case letters. Click on "ok".

  • You will be permitted three attempts to log in. Then the browser must be closed and reopened.

4. Select the language (English, French or Spanish) in which your report is to be submitted and click on "Submit". The ATR form will be displayed.

III. Entering Data

5. On the ATR form, click on the item and/or sub-item for which you have comments. Fill in the contents box.

  • Concerning the actual contents of the ATR, it is up to each office to decide on the specific contents of its ATR; for example, the office can decide to report everything under the main item of each section or only under the sub-items of each section, but the office can also report under both the main item of the section and the sub-items. In regard to the contents of a particular item or sub-item, it would be preferable if your Office could avoid using such expressions as "No change since last year", and, instead, copy the information for the item or sub-item from last year's ATR into the contents box of the item or sub-item for this year's ATR.

6. To attach a document under a particular item or sub-item, follow these instructions:

(a) Click on the "Browse" button.

(b) Select the file in your directory that you wish to attach and click on "Open" in the "Choose file" window.

(c) Then, if desired, give a brief file description. Click on "Submit".

(d) To add several attachments to the same item or sub-item, click again on the said item or sub-item and follow steps (a), (b) and (c), above.

  • You should avoid typing the entire Annual Technical Report as a Word document and then attaching that document to an item or sub-item.
  • The contents box must be filled in if you wish to include an attachment.
  • You cannot "paste" a table or graph into the contents box. If you want to include a table or graph under an item or sub-item, you must first create a document containing the table or graph and then attach that document under the particular item or sub-item, using the "Browse" function.
  • There is a file size limitation of 3MB.

7. When you have completed this item or sub-item, click on the "Submit" button. You will then return to the main page and will notice that a check mark (Check) appears at the left of the item or sub-item indicating that information has been entered for that particular item or sub-item.

8. Repeat this procedure for all the other items or sub-items you wish to give information for.

9. If you need to exit the system prior to submitting the ATR, you simply close the application and re-log on at a later time. No data will be lost.

IV. Editing an Item or Sub-Item

10. Editing text in the contents box:

When you wish to change, update, delete, or make a correction in the text of the contents box, please select the appropriately checked item or sub-item. Make the necessary correction and click on the "Submit" button. Please note that, if necessary, you can delete all of the text in the contents box by highlighting the entire text and pressing "Delete" on your keyboard.

(a) If you wish to check the contents of an attachment, click on the item or sub-item you wish to check and then click on the name of the attached document. A window "File Download" will open and you will have the option of opening or saving your document.

(b) If you would you like to delete an attached document, please click on "(Remove)" which appears to the right of the file name.

V. Printing and/or Reviewing the ATR

12. To print and/or review the ATR, simply click on "Click here to print and/or review your ATR" which appears after the last item of the ATR. The ATR will be displayed in a new browser window. Click on the "Print" button or select "File/Print". The printout will contain a listing of all items and sub-items, along with their contents. The name of any attached document will also appear in the printout. Click on the file name of the attachment to view and print it.

VI. Submitting the ATR

13.  When you have finished completing the appropriate items and sub-items of your Annual Technical Report, click on "Click here to submit your ATR", just below the title of the ATR. 


14. After submission, you will no longer be able to make changes in your report. If you would like to make changes in your report after having submitted it, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:, requesting access to your report. The International Bureau will then review the status of your report and provide you access to it again. The new version of the ATR that you submit to WIPO will replace the ATR that was formerly submitted.

15. After submission, please DO NOT send an e-mail to the International Bureau informing that your report has been submitted.  The International Bureau will have automatic access to it and, after processing, will make it available on the Internet by providing general read-only access to the information contained therein. Once your ATR has been published on the Internet, you will be notified by e-mail.

16.  If you wish to complete your ATR in more than one language, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:, and we will send you instructions on how to do so.

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