Browser Compatibility

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Startup page

To navigate to the contents of the Vienna Classification, click on the title of the Classification in the language you prefer (English or French). To see the Classification in PDF format, click on “PDF version” on the upper left-hand corner.


For the browser to show the contents of a category, click on a category number on the lower left-hand area of the screen. In the contents area, click on the flag next to the category/division/section numbers to jump to the other language.


To activate the search function, click on Search in the middle left-hand area of the screen. The Search area is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

Simply enter a few words into the search field. All figurative elements that contain any of the search words will be shown. Figurative elements that contain more than one search word will be presented separately as “best hits”.

Truncation characters can be used at the beginning or at the end of search words, e.g. *graphic* will obtain the search results “typographical”, “geographical”, “cinematographic” and “photographic”.

The logical AND, OR and NOT operators, along with parentheses, can be used to phrase your search expression, e.g. apparatus NOT instruments, apparatus OR instruments, apparatus AND (instruments OR utensils). It is also possible to use quotation marks.

You can enter numbers, terms or a combination of both in the search field.

A zero must be introduced before a single-digit number, e.g. to search for class 1 use 01.

Do not use full stops or hyphens between numbers of categories, divisions and sections, eg. to search for category 1, division 1, section 5 use 010105.