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Assembly of the Locarno Union

All States that are party to the Locarno Agreement are members of the Locarno Union Assembly. The Assembly meets in ordinary session once every two years.

In particular, the Assembly deals with all matters concerning the maintenance and development of the Union and the implementation of the Locarno Agreement.

Committee of Experts of the Locarno Union

Each State party to the Locarno Agreement is represented in the Committee of Experts set up by the Agreement. The Committee holds its sessions at least once every five years.

In particular, the Committee decides on any changes to be incorporated in the Locarno Classification, which are subsequently published in the form of new editions of the Classification. The Committee also addresses recommendations to the members of the Union for the purpose of facilitating the use of the Classification and promoting its uniform application.

Locarno Union - Ad hoc Working Group

At its tenth session held in Geneva, from October 15 to 19, 2007, the Committee of Experts of the Locarno Union requested the Secretariat to convene a session of an ad hoc Working Group that would study the introduction in the Locarno Classification of an additional level of subclasses.

The ad hoc Working Group held its first session in Geneva from June 30 to July 2, 2008. It agreed, in particular, to establish a pilot group that would work on the development of an indexing system based on the visual features of industrial designs.


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