World Intellectual Property Organization

International Patent Classification (IPC) Forum Open Day

Geneva, February 13, 2006




The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) organized an Open Day to commemorate three important events in the current development of the IPC:

  • publication of the reformed IPC (July 2005);
  • 30 years from entry into force of the Strasbourg Agreement (October 2005);
  • entry into force of the reformed IPC (January 1, 2006).

An IPC Forum was held on February 13, 2006 to commemorate these events.  The purpose of the IPC Forum was to further promote the worldwide use of the IPC by:

  • discussing the role of the IPC in accessing and searching patent information;
  • considering principal features of IPC reform;
  • highlighting the advantages that the reform has brought to users.

Presentations at the IPC Forum were made by leading experts in patent information and patent classification.

The event was open to the general public. 


The program and presentations made at the Forum are available.

Conclusions of the Forum

The conclusions of the IPC Forum outline the current state of IPC reform, its achievements and remaining problems.




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