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Meeting Date Title
  2002.10 Categorization Literature Survey [PDF]
ICIC 2003 2003.10 Computer-Assisted Categorisation of Patent Documents in the IPC [PPT]
ICIC 2003 2003.10 IPCCAT conference proceedings for ICIC 2003 [PDF]
CE35 2004.10 Patent Categorization in the IPC (IPCCAT) Status Report - English, French, Spanish, Russian and German [PPT] 
CE38 2006.10 Patent Categorization in the IPC (IPCCAT) Status Report - prototype for Chinese language [PPT]
CE50 2018.02 IPCCAT-Neural 2017 [PPT]
IC-SDV 2018 2018.04 IPCCAT-Neural [PDF]
ITAI 2018 2018.05

Artificial Intelligence applied to IPC and Nice classifications [PPT]