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Appellation of Origin - (513) PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO


Number 513
Date 23.12.1969
Holder Consorzio del formaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano, 4, piazza della Vittoria, Reggio Emilia
Publication N° 5 : 02/1970
Country of Origin IT
Nice Classification 29
Product Cheese
Area of Production Territory of the Provinces of Bologna (left bank of the Reno), Mantova (right bank of the Po), Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia
Legal basis Executive Order N° 1269 of the President of the Italian Republic, of October 30, 1955
Notification Article 5(2):No longer applicable
Notification Article 14:
BA:Date of notification16.05.2013
Date of effect04.07.2013
Under Article 14 of the Lisbon Agreement, the International Bureau notifies the competent authority or competent authorities of a newly acceded member country of all international registrations of appellations of origin in force. Refusals under Article 14(2)(c) of the Agreement can be submitted by these competent authorities within one year from the date on which the accession of their country takes effect or from the date on which they receive the notification, whichever of the two is later. Until acknowledgment of receipt is received, the date on which the notification was dispatched is reflected. This information will be removed one month after the time-limit of Article 5(3) has expired
Note:With regard to international registrations effected from April 1, 2002 onwards, the translation of an appellation of origin and, where relevant, its transliteration, will appear under a heading separate from that of the appellation of origin itself

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