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Appellation of Origin - (880) კახეთი (კახერი)

(880) კახეთი (კახერი)

Number 880
Date 10.01.2007
Holder 1. "Samtresti" - Department of Vine and Wineo
Appellation კახეთი (კახერი)
Transliteration KAKHETI (KAKHURI)
Publication N° 36 : 07/2007
Country of Origin GE
Nice Classification 33
Product Wine
Area of Production Inner Kakheti - the Alazani River basin, Outer Kakheti - Sagarejo district, part of Gardabani district
Refusal IR - 10.12.2007
Legal basis Decree No. 88 of the President of Georgia of February 28, 2002
Notification Article 5(2):No longer applicable
Notification Article 14:
BA:Date of notification16.05.2013
Date of effect04.07.2013
Under Article 14 of the Lisbon Agreement, the International Bureau notifies the competent authority or competent authorities of a newly acceded member country of all international registrations of appellations of origin in force. Refusals under Article 14(2)(c) of the Agreement can be submitted by these competent authorities within one year from the date on which the accession of their country takes effect or from the date on which they receive the notification, whichever of the two is later. Until acknowledgment of receipt is received, the date on which the notification was dispatched is reflected. This information will be removed one month after the time-limit of Article 5(3) has expired

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