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Israel Notifications

The Israel Patent Office (ILPO) notified WIPO on December 4, 2013, that ILPO is operating under the Provisions for the Centralized Access to Search and Examination (CASE) (“The Framework Provisions”) established on 1 March 2013. ILPO will operate as a Depositing and Accessing office under the Framework Provisions.

In terms of conformance with Section 22 to the Framework Provisions, the ILPO will make available to the WIPO CASE system the following documents:

  • International Type Search Report in accordance with Article 15(5) of the PCT
  • (where such report was requested by applicant);
  • Bibliographic Data;
  • Examination reports;
  • Search Strategies;
  • Specifications.

The data deposited by ILPO will cover all applications for which substantial examination started since January 1st, 2010.

But for the Specifications which are mostly in English, the majority of the rest of the documents will be deposited in the Hebrew language and users of the WIPO CASE system will be able to use machine translation to be provided by the International Bureau in the WIPO CASE system.

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