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Appellation of Origin (Lisbon)  

Appellation of Origin - (865) PISCO

(865) PISCO

Number 865
Date 2005-05-19 00:00:00
Holder The titleholder of the appellation of origin is the Peruvian State. The Peruvian State is represented in this case by INDECOPI
Appellation PISCO
Publication N° 35 : 01/2006
Country of Origin PE
Nice Classification 33
Product Alcoholic beverage, Pisco is a liquor of grape, obtained by distilling fresh must of recently fermented grapes in accordance with traditional methods established in the production areas previously recognized and classified as such in the normative rules contained in the Peruvian Technical Standard 211-011:2002
Area of Production The geographical area recognized for the production of Pisco is located in the coast of the Departments of Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Moquegua and the valleys of Locumba, Sama and Caplina in the Department of Tacna, all in Peru
Refusal CZ - 03.07.2006
FR - 07.07.2006
IT - 07.07.2006
HU - 10.07.2006
SK - 10.07.2006
PT - 13.07.2006
IR - 10.12.2007
Withdrawal MX - 24.10.2006 (Date of the initial refusal: 19.06.2006 - Partial)
BG - 02.05.2007 (Date of the initial refusal: 14.07.2006 - Partial)
CR - 31.05.2007 (Date of the initial refusal: 13.07.2006 - Partial)
Legal basis National or regional registration. (Directorial Resolution No. 072087-DIPI of December 12, 1990, Register No. 1)
Notification Article 5(2):No longer applicable
Notification Article 14:Currently not applicable

Appellation of Origin (Lisbon)