Ambercite joins ASPI

July 1, 2016

Ambercite has joined the Access to Specialized Patent Information (ASPI) program as a contributing partner, providing access to its patent citation search and analysis tool for free or at low cost to institutions in least developed countries and other developing countries. Seven contributing partners have now joined the program, offering access to their flagship patent database products through the program.

On the occasion, WIPO Assistant Director General Yo Takagi,  stated that “Ambercite as a tool will expand and complement the range of patent search and analysis tools available through ASPI, assisting Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs), patent offices, academic institutions, and research institutions to more quickly and efficiently identify and contextualize inventions developed around the world.”

“I am very honored that Ambercite was invited to participate in the ASPI program”, said Ambercite CEO Doris Spielthenner, “Because the Ambercite patent search tool is built entirely on the citations of other examiners and IP professionals, it can bring enormous value to organizations working in a range of languages – or those which lack the resources or capabilities to have deep expertise in all the required technical fields. We are proud to have the opportunity to empower organizations in developing countries to increase the quality of patent searching and analysis.

More information about the patent database products available through ASPI can be found on the ASPI website.