WIPO Electronic Case Facility (ECAF)

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center aims to offer time and cost efficient mediation, arbitration and expert determination proceedings. To assist this purpose, the Center makes available, at the parties' option, the WIPO Electronic Case Facility (WIPO ECAF).

   What is WIPO ECAF?

WIPO ECAF allows parties and all other actors in a case under the WIPO Mediation, Arbitration, Expedited Arbitration and Expert Determination Rules to submit communications electronically into an online docket. Parties receive email alerts of any such submission being made and may view and search this docket at any time. The online docket may also be used to record the fact that a submission is being made in hardcopy outside WIPO ECAF.

What other functions does WIPO ECAF have?

In addition to facilitating online communication and storage, WIPO ECAF can also provide a summary of case information, an overview of timelines, contact information for all parties, and the finance status of the case.

Click here for a brief WIPO ECAF users manual including sample views.

Who may use WIPO ECAF?

Parties to a procedure under WIPO Rules may, by party agreement, opt to use WIPO ECAF. At the stage of neutral(s) appointment, parties should also consult with the neutral(s) about the possible use of WIPO ECAF.

WIPO ECAF is not available for cases under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), to which separate filing requirements apply.

   How to access WIPO ECAF?

Parties to a WIPO case may submit to the Center a request to obtain access to WIPO ECAF either by e-mail to arbiter.mail@wipo.int or by fax to +41 22 740 3700. Such request, which should contain the contact information of all parties, may be made prior to the formal submission of the case or at any time thereafter.

   What security does WIPO ECAF offer?

Every time a party accesses WIPO ECAF, it will be authenticated through its username, password and a changing passcode delivered by RSA SecurID card, a hand-held device that furnishes changing passcodes.

All information stored in WIPO ECAF is firewall protected and encrypted by using the modern Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Further information on WIPO ECAF

Information requests concerning the use of WIPO ECAF may be sent to the Center by e-mail to arbiter.mail@wipo.int or addressed by telephone at +41 22 338 8247.