March 31, 2011

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry today publicly launched the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center's long-awaited second edition of the WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions (WIPO Overview 2.0).

This second edition of the WIPO Overview represents a major update and extension of the original version. A long time in the making, this updated edition carefully and conservatively distills observed trends and developments from the more than 10,000 WIPO Panel decisions that have been rendered since the original edition of the Overview was first published in early 2005. Drawing on the over 20,000 UDRP cases administered by the WIPO Center since the UDRP’s introduction, it reflects a balanced statement of some 50 substantive and procedural issues now included.

A globally unique tool, the freely available WIPO Overview not only helps parties and panelists around the world, but may also serve as an illustration of the need to apply expert care in the development of ADR mechanisms for the DNS.