WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: DRO2009-0001 - DRO2009-0199

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Last updated: Mar 29, 2017

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
DRO2009-0001 (HTML)
DRO2009-0001 (Word)
SC FRA.BO RO SRLSC Technova Invest SRLfrabo.roTransfer
DRO2009-0002 (HTML)
DRO2009-0002 (Word)
Romaqua Group S.A.Alcormediaborsec.roComplaint denied
DRO2009-0003 (HTML)
DRO2009-0003 (Word)
The Gillette CompanyAmaltea Impex S.R.L.gillette.roTransfer
DRO2009-0004MIP METRO Group Intellectual Property GmbH&Co. KG-real.roTerminated
DRO2009-0005 (HTML)
DRO2009-0005 (Word)
Christyane LeisterVITESS INDUSTRIAL SRLleister.roComplaint denied
DRO2009-0006 (HTML)
DRO2009-0006 (Word)
The Body Shop International Plc.Web4comm SRL Romaniathe-body-shop.ro
DRO2009-0007 (HTML)
DRO2009-0007 (Word)
Nilfisk-Advance A/SSc Getic Decor Srl,nilfisk.roTransfer
DRO2009-0008 (HTML)
DRO2009-0008 (Word)
Schering-Plough Corporation, Schering Corporation and their affiliates and subsidiariesAmaltea Impex SRLschering-plough.roTransfer
DRO2009-0009 (HTML)
DRO2009-0009 (Word)
Vitex Hermes SRL
Yannidis Brothers SA
DRO2009-0010 (HTML)
DRO2009-0010 (Word)
The European Computer Driving Licence Foundation Limitedweb4COMM SRL Romaniaecdl.roTransfer
DRO2009-0011 (HTML)
DRO2009-0011 (Word)
The Body Shop International PlcMETALCO PRO SAbodyshop.roTransfer
DRO2009-0012 (HTML)
DRO2009-0012 (Word)
Twentieth Century Fox Film CorporationWEB4COMM SRLfoxtv.roTransfer
DRO2009-0013Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.-intesaleasing.roTerminated