WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: DME2013-0001 - DME2013-0199

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Last updated: Mar 23, 2017

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
DME2013-0001 (HTML)
DME2013-0001 (Word)
Mag Instrument, Inc.Richard Larkins Sets&Repsmaglite.meTransfer
DME2013-0002 (HTML)
DME2013-0002 (Word)
Hitech United Australia Pty Ltd,
Tom Hua
DME2013-0003 (HTML)
DME2013-0003 (Word)
Glaxo Group Limited
SmithKline Beecham Limited
Administration Department / Lloyd Hamilton, GSKline Limited gskline.meTransfer
DME2013-0004 (HTML)
DME2013-0004 (Word)
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaftwww.SWAROVSKI-SHOP.meswarovski-shop.meTransfer
DME2013-0005 (HTML)
DME2013-0005 (Word)
Sony CorporationPavlicevic Marko sony.meTransfer
DME2013-0006Cash Converters Pty Ltd-cashconverters.meTerminated
DME2013-0007 (HTML)
DME2013-0007 (Word)
Red Diamond Holdings SàrlAlexander K. Dobrenkovleecooper.meTransfer
DME2013-0008 (HTML)
DME2013-0008 (Word)
Etro S.p.A.Kevin Sunetro.meTransfer
DME2013-0009 (HTML)
DME2013-0009 (Word)
Aida Cruises - German Branch of Costa Crociere S.p.A. Farhad Khamissaaida.meComplaint denied
DME2013-0010 (HTML)
DME2013-0010 (Word)
Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AGDeborah R. Heacocklindt.meTransfer
DME2013-0011 (HTML)
DME2013-0011 (Word)
Statoil ASA.Deborah R. Heacockstatoil.meTransfer
DME2013-0012 (HTML)
DME2013-0012 (Word)
Marie Claire AlbumWhoisGuard, Inc. / Yuan Xufumarieclaire.meTransfer
DME2013-0013 (HTML)
DME2013-0013 (Word)
Milanoo.com LimitedKathaleen Hoslemilanoo.meTransfer
DME2013-0014 (HTML)
DME2013-0014 (Word)
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.Jorge Moreno Poderoswarholize.meTransfer