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WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: DAU2009-0001 - DAU2009-0199

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Last updated: Aug 31, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
DAU2009-0001 (HTML)
DAU2009-0001 (Word)
John Kolenda1300 Phonewords Pty
DAU2009-0002 (HTML)
DAU2009-0002 (Word)
Multi-National Concepts Pty Ltd1300 Directory Pty
Complaint denied
DAU2009-0003 (HTML)
DAU2009-0003 (Word)
QSoft Consulting
DAU2009-0004 (HTML)
DAU2009-0004 (Word)
Navico Holding ASQuin Marine Pty Ltd
DAU2009-0005 (HTML)
DAU2009-0005 (Word)
Deutsche Lufthansa AGOFFICE LINKS PTY LTD, Wang
DAU2009-0006QSoft Consulting
DAU2009-0007 (HTML)
DAU2009-0007 (Word)
American Future Technology Corp.Rex denied
DAU2009-0008 (HTML)
DAU2009-0008 (Word)
Blurb Inc.Rethink IT PTY denied
DAU2009-0009 (HTML)
DAU2009-0009 (Word)
Perpetual Limited Perpetual Home Loans Pty Ltd (ACN 120010657)
DAU2009-0011 (HTML)
DAU2009-0011 (Word)
Cognito Software LimitedRethink IT Pty
DAU2009-0012 (HTML)
DAU2009-0012 (Word)
United Parcel Service of America, Inc. Wesley denied
DAU2009-0013 (HTML)
DAU2009-0013 (Word)
Hertz Systems Inc.The Manager, Throne Ventures Pty
DAU2009-0014Wolverine World Wide
DAU2009-0015LEGO Juris A/
DAU2009-0016City of
DAU2009-0017 (HTML)
DAU2009-0017 (Word)
Proxxon S.A.Woodworking Machinery Specialists Pty
DAU2009-0018 (HTML)
DAU2009-0018 (Word)
Inbound Telecommunications Pty Ltd
Phone Name Marketing Australia Pty Ltd
1300 Directory pty Ltd , Demetrio
Complaint denied with dissenting opinion


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