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WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: DAU2008-0001 - DAU2008-0199

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Last updated: May 5, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
DAU2008-0001 (HTML)
DAU2008-0001 (Word)
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaft, AGBanjos Bead House/ Paul
DAU2008-0002 (HTML)
DAU2008-0002 (Word)
Topfield Co. LtdDigital Products Pty Ltd
Jai Kemp
Complaint denied, transfer in part
DAU2008-0003 (HTML)
DAU2008-0003 (Word)
Aastra Telecom IncSpring Mountain Enterprises Pty
DAU2008-0004 (HTML)
DAU2008-0004 (Word)
EmiratesBluecom Consulting Group Pty denied
DAU2008-0005 (HTML)
DAU2008-0005 (Word)
DAU2008-0006InterContinental Hotels Group
DAU2008-0007 (HTML)
DAU2008-0007 (Word)
Facebook, Inc.Callverse Pty
DAU2008-0008 (HTML)
DAU2008-0008 (Word)
United Business Media LLC4Square Media Pty
DAU2008-0009 (HTML)
DAU2008-0009 (Word)
ScriptLogic CorporationScriptlogic Pacific Pty.
DAU2008-0010Carter Holt Harvey
DAU2008-0011PopCap Games,
DAU2008-0012 (HTML)
DAU2008-0012 (Word)
Google Inc.Jan
DAU2008-0013 (HTML)
DAU2008-0013 (Word)
Silpro Pty LimitedCorey De Silva t/a Silva Service Spit Roast denied
DAU2008-0014 (HTML)
DAU2008-0014 (Word)
Nemetschek North America, Inc.
OzCAD Pty Limited
The Manager, CAD Australia Pty
DAU2008-0015 (HTML)
DAU2008-0015 (Word)
Just Car Insurance Agency Pty Ltd.The Manager, Throne Ventures Pty
DAU2008-0016 (HTML)
DAU2008-0016 (Word)
GM Holden LtdThe Directors, Blogger Pty
DAU2008-0017Sensis Pty
DAU2008-0018The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
DAU2008-0019 (HTML)
DAU2008-0019 (Word)
Insure & Go Insurance Services LimitedCoverDirect Pty. Ltd.
DAU2008-0020H-D Michigan, Inc.
DAU2008-0021 (HTML)
DAU2008-0021 (Word)
Easy Dial Pty Ltd
Excel Phone Words Pty Ltd
Inbound Telecommunications Pty Ltd
National Dial A Word Registry Pty Ltd
Phone Name Marketing Australia Pty Ltd
Premier Telecommunications Pty Ltd
Wentworth Enterprises International Pty Ltd
Words Work Pty Ltd
1300 Australia Pty Ltd
1300 Directory Pty
Complaint denied
DAU2008-0022 (HTML)
DAU2008-0022 (Word)
Curtain Communications Pty Ltd.Leann denied
DAU2008-0023 (HTML)
DAU2008-0023 (Word)
Telstra Corporation LimitedCQ Media Group Pty


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