World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2010-1000 - D2010-1199

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Last updated: Aug 30, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2010-1000 (HTML)
D2010-1000 (Word)
Revlon Consumer Products CorporationIONE Increvlonhairs.comTransfer
D2010-1001 (HTML)
D2010-1001 (Word)
Jappy GmbHSatoshi Shimoshitajappy.comTransfer
D2010-1002 (HTML)
D2010-1002 (Word)
Mind Candy Domain Privacy / Transure Enterprise Ltd., Host Master (
D2010-1003 (HTML)
D2010-1003 (Word)
Productions J Inc.
William Deslauriers
Rapidenet Canada / Martin Beaudouinwilliamdeslauriers.comTransfer
D2010-1004 (HTML)
D2010-1004 (Word)
American Medical SoftwareBelize Domain WHOIS Service Ltamericanmedicalsoftware.comTransfer
D2010-1005 (HTML)
D2010-1005 (Word)
D2010-1006 (HTML)
D2010-1006 (Word)
Intuit Inc.xiejianturbotax-intuit.comTransfer
D2010-1007Mind Candy Ltd.-mushimonsters.comTerminated
D2010-1008Mind Candy Ltd.-mushymonsters.comTerminated
D2010-1009 (HTML)
D2010-1009 (Word)
Philip Morris USA Inc.Nick Howardmarlborocountry.comTransfer
D2010-1010 (HTML)
D2010-1010 (Word)
Trodat GmbHTexas International Property Associates - NA NAtroteclasers.comTransfer
D2010-1011 (HTML)
D2010-1011 (Word)
Nordea Bank ABNORDEA SECURITIES OYJnordea-securities.comTransfer
D2010-1012 (HTML)
D2010-1012 (Word)
EGL AGMaurice Nathaneglitalia.comTransfer
D2010-1013Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited-chambalfertilisers.comTerminated
D2010-1014Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited-chambalfertilizer.comTerminated
D2010-1015 (HTML)
D2010-1015 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SChris
D2010-1016 (HTML)
D2010-1016 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SSatisfaction Inklegopros.comTransfer
D2010-1017 (HTML)
D2010-1017 (Word)
AREVASt. James Robyn
D2010-1018 (HTML)
D2010-1018 (Word)
Elkjøp Nordic A/SSvenska Dator ABelgiganten.comTransfer
D2010-1019Imagem, C.V.
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization
D2010-1020 (HTML)
D2010-1020 (Word)
TPI Holdings, Inc.Sona
D2010-1021 (HTML)
D2010-1021 (Word)
Joseph Airport ToyotaPrivate Registrations Aktien Gesellschaftjosephairporttoyota.comTransfer
D2010-1022 (HTML)
D2010-1022 (Word)
Water Pik, Inc.Don Bankstonwaterpikreviews.comTransfer
D2010-1023 (HTML)
D2010-1023 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.WhoisGuard/Oursafeonlinepharmacy, John O'Sullivan orlistatxenical.comTransfer
D2010-1024 (HTML)
D2010-1024 (Word)
Bayer HealthCare LLCEighty Business Namesbronkaid.comTransfer
D2010-1025 (HTML)
D2010-1025 (Word)
Kairos Investment Management SPARalph Wilmskairos-funds.comTransfer
D2010-1026 (HTML)
D2010-1026 (Word)
Imperial College of Science, Technology and MedicineImran, The Imperial
D2010-1027Groupe Procycle Inc.-rockymountainbicycles.comTerminated
D2010-1028F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG-onlinepharmacyvalium.comTerminated
D2010-1029 (HTML)
D2010-1029 (Word)
D2010-1030 (HTML)
D2010-1030 (Word)
Nutri PackNutri-Packnutripack.comTransfer
D2010-1031 (HTML)
D2010-1031 (Word)
Enagás, S.A.Juan Carlos García Cuartangoenagas.netTransfer
D2010-1032 (HTML)
D2010-1032 (Word)
Enagás, S.A.I.B.L.enagas.orgTransfer
D2010-1033Enagás, S.A.-enagas.infoTerminated
D2010-1034 (HTML)
D2010-1034 (Word)
Enagás, S.A.Mertron Land, S.L / Jordi Vilaenagas.mobiTransfer
D2010-1035 (HTML)
D2010-1035 (Word)
Educational Testing ServiceFahri Aydosfreetoefl.netTransfer
D2010-1036 (HTML)
D2010-1036 (Word)
Sanofi-AventisSanofi, Octavio Lopezsanofi-aventis-az.comCancellation
D2010-1037 (HTML)
D2010-1037 (Word)
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.Sanjay Patel merckon.comTransfer
D2010-1038 (HTML)
D2010-1038 (Word)
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.Investors FastTrackbest-of-ishares.comTransfer
D2010-1039Fluor Corporation-fluormemebers.comTerminated
D2010-1041 (HTML)
D2010-1041 (Word)
The Coca-Cola CompanyAthene Abaryrelentlessenergydrink.comTransfer
D2010-1042 (HTML)
D2010-1042 (Word) IncorporatedDomain by Proxy, Inc. /
D2010-1043A. D. Banker & Company-addbanker.comTerminated
D2010-1044 (HTML)
D2010-1044 (Word)
A. D. Banker & CompanyDomain Investadbankers.comComplaint denied
D2010-1045 (HTML)
D2010-1045 (Word)
XE CorporationSlavomir Bures carrying on business as “Tas Nerina S Bures” and “Susky (Ltd.)”
D2010-1046 (HTML)
D2010-1046 (Word)
Woolworths LimitedDomain CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITEDbigwphotos.comTransfer,
D2010-1048 (HTML)
D2010-1048 (Word)
Holding Soprema (Société Anonyme) Registrant [3121]:Reserved for Customers MustNeed.comalsan.comTransfer
D2010-1049 (HTML)
D2010-1049 (Word)
Sorgenia SpAMaurice Nathansorgenia-spa.comTransfer
D2010-1050Pfizer Inc.-pfizerfellowships.comTerminated
D2010-1051 (HTML)
D2010-1051 (Word)
Vibram S.p.A.Oscar
D2010-1052 (HTML)
D2010-1052 (Word)
Fluor CorporationXin Meng,
D2010-1053Apple Inc.,
D2010-1054 (HTML)
D2010-1054 (Word)
Secretary of State for the Department for Work and PensionsOliver Dujmovic (707585)directgov247.comTransfer
D2010-1056 (HTML)
D2010-1056 (Word)
Travellers Exchange Corporation LimitedFairFx
Transfer, denied in part
D2010-1057 (HTML)
D2010-1057 (Word)
AlineaJoshua Lim, Visualtron Software (S) Pte Ltdalinéa.comTransfer
D2010-1058 (HTML)
D2010-1058 (Word)
Portelcom Participaçoes S.A.
Vivo S.A.
Protected Domain Services - Customer ID: NNP-4713284 / Domains By Proxy - NA Proxy Account, Niche Domain Proxy Managercelularesvivo.comTransfer
D2010-1059 (HTML)
D2010-1059 (Word)
Christian Schmid
RapidShare AG, Domain Admincrawlrapidshare.comTransfer
D2010-1060 (HTML)
D2010-1060 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Oleksandr Mandryk/Protected Domain Services - Customer ID: NCR-934539
D2010-1061Viceroy Cayman Ltd.
Viceroy Hotels, L.L.C.
D2010-1062 (HTML)
D2010-1062 (Word)
Pet Holdings Inc.HuYangYang
Song Bin
D2010-1063 (HTML)
D2010-1063 (Word)
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hilton Worldwide
HLT Domestic IP LLC
HLT International IP LLC
Steve Alek, Niagara Falls
D2010-1064 (HTML)
D2010-1064 (Word)
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hilton Worldwide
HLT Domestic IP LLC
HLT International IP LLC
mga enterprises limited/Domains by Proxy,
D2010-1065Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hilton Worlwide
HLT Domestic IP LLC
HLT International IP LLC
D2010-1066 (HTML)
D2010-1066 (Word)
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hilton Worlwide
HLT Domestic IP LLC
HLT International IP LLC
Whois Privacy Service Pty ltd., Customer ID: 17451672649672/ Yorkshire Enterprises Limited, Yorkshire
D2010-1067 (HTML)
D2010-1067 (Word)
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hilton Worldwide
HLT Domestic IP LLC
HLT International IP LLC
Private Whois Servicehiltonhotel.comTransfer
D2010-1068 (HTML)
D2010-1068 (Word)
Missoni S.p.A.Nurinetmissonicollection.comTransfer
D2010-1069Board of Trade of the City of Chicago Inc.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.
Commodity Exchange Inc.
New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc.
D2010-1070 (HTML)
D2010-1070 (Word)
Revlon Consumer Products CorporationWhois Privacy Services, /Privacy Ltd. Disclosed Agent for YOLAPTrevlonhairproducts.comTransfer
D2010-1071 (HTML)
D2010-1071 (Word)
Christian Schmid
RapidShare AG
Protected Domain Services/Dmytro Gerasymenkorapidpedia.comTransfer
D2010-1072 (HTML)
D2010-1072 (Word)
The Bell Policy CenterKen Hess, graphis, inc.thebell.orgTransfer
D2010-1073 (HTML)
D2010-1073 (Word)
Zebra Technologies Corporation
Zebra Technologies Europe Limted
ZIH Corp.
Eagle Technologies
D2010-1074 (HTML)
D2010-1074 (Word)
S.O.R. Internacional S.A.Bellissima Inc.spasorisa.comTransfer
D2010-1075 (HTML)
D2010-1075 (Word)
Automobili Lamborghini Holding
D2010-1076SAP AG-sapmaterialsmanagement.comTerminated
D2010-1077 (HTML)
D2010-1077 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. Ruler-Domains, Sergey Ryabovnoprescriptionaccutane.comTransfer
D2010-1078 (HTML)
D2010-1078 (Word)
Bright Imperial Ltd.Domain Admin, Registrationredtubeblog.comTransfer
D2010-1079 (HTML)
D2010-1079 (Word)
Eli Lilly and Companymedia/broadcasting, Lee Shung36cialis.comTransfer
D2010-1080 (HTML)
D2010-1080 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGWhois Privacy Services Pty Ltd / SMS, Taeho Kimvaliun.comTransfer
D2010-1081 (HTML)
D2010-1081 (Word)
Autosales Incorporated, dba Summit Racing EquipmentMoniker Privacy Services [2731514] / Registrant [2909991]: Charlie Kalopungi AA7GROUP@GMAIL.COMsuumitracing.comTransfer
D2010-1082 (HTML)
D2010-1082 (Word)
Sentosa Development CorporationJang Shih Chiehsentosa.comTransfer
D2010-1083 (HTML)
D2010-1083 (Word)
Clearwire Legacy LLCIan Vago
D2010-1084 (HTML)
D2010-1084 (Word)
PRL USA HOLDINGS, INC.Private Whois Servicerlhome.comTransfer
D2010-1085 (HTML)
D2010-1085 (Word)
Laureate Education, Inc.
Walden University, LLC
Ahmed Altadbeekwaldene.orgTransfer
D2010-1086 (HTML)
D2010-1086 (Word)
Christian Schmid
RapidShare AG
Helena Clouserapidownload.netComplaint denied
D2010-1087Portelcom Participaçoes S.A.
Vivo S.A.
D2010-1088 (HTML)
D2010-1088 (Word)
Enagic USA, Inc.Margaret Hwangkangenwaterusa.comTransfer
D2010-1089 (HTML)
D2010-1089 (Word)
Christian Schmid
RapidShare AG
majeed randirapidpiracy.comTransfer
D2010-1090 (HTML)
D2010-1090 (Word)
Boot Royalty Company, L.P.
Justin Brands, Inc.
Dauben, Inc. d/b/a Texas International Property Associates - NA NAjustinshoes.comTransfer
D2010-1091 (HTML)
D2010-1091 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Eugeniy Borodinaccutaneau.comTransfer
D2010-1092 (HTML)
D2010-1092 (Word)
Espire Infolabs Pvt. Ltd.TW Telecomespire.comComplaint denied
D2010-1093 (HTML)
D2010-1093 (Word)
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.Domain Admin / Dopici Nasratintesasanpaolotreding.comTransfer
D2010-1094Clearwire Legacy
D2010-1095 (HTML)
D2010-1095 (Word)
Zions BancorporationRandall Comstockzionsmortgageline.comTransfer
D2010-1096 (HTML)
D2010-1096 (Word)
Tractor Supply Company
Tractor Supply Co. of Texas, LP
Yehoshua Glauneroriginaltractorsupply.comTransfer
D2010-1097 (HTML)
D2010-1097 (Word)
Roche Products Inc.WhoisGuard Protected / overnight, Thomas Kochbuyvaliumoffers.comTransfer
D2010-1098 (HTML)
D2010-1098 (Word)
AREVAMIC / Hussain, Syedarevasolar.comTransfer
D2010-1099LEGO Juris A/S-legostarwarsdeathstar.netTerminated
D2010-1100 (HTML)
D2010-1100 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SDomains by Proxy, Inc. / Goodsteed
D2010-1101LEGO Juris A/S-legomindstormsnxtsite.comTerminated
D2010-1102 (HTML)
D2010-1102 (Word)
Fashion Box S.p.A.Antonia Deinertreplayjeans.netTransfer
D2010-1103 (HTML)
D2010-1103 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche
D2010-1104 (HTML)
D2010-1104 (Word)
Mrs. Agnès Troublépan bing
D2010-1105 (HTML)
D2010-1105 (Word)
Christian Schmid
RapidShare AG
Ilyarapid.orgComplaint denied
D2010-1106 (HTML)
D2010-1106 (Word)
Christian Schmid
RapidShare AG
Protected Domain Services - Customer ID: NCR-785723/ n/a Sergey Vlasov rapid4me.comComplaint denied
D2010-1107 (HTML)
D2010-1107 (Word)
Intuit / Purple Bucquetintuitsupport.comTransfer,
D2010-1109Snowshoe Mountain, Inc.-snowshoemtn.comTerminated
D2010-1110 (HTML)
D2010-1110 (Word)
TUTTO PICCOLO, S.A.U.Fábrica de Encajes Pérez Palmertuttopiccolo.comTransfer
D2010-1111Société Nationale Pour la Recherche, La Production, le Transport, la Transformation, et la Commercialisation des Hydrocarbures, S.P.A. (-sonatrach.comTerminated
D2010-1112Mind Candy, Ltd.-moshimonsterscheats.comTerminated
D2010-1113 (HTML)
D2010-1113 (Word)
ECCO Sko A/SProtected Domain Services Customer ID: NCR-2448048 / jizhiteam51ecco.comTransfer
D2010-1114The Little Greene Paint Company Limited-littlegreene.comTerminated
D2010-1115 (HTML)
D2010-1115 (Word)
Tellus B.V.Mr. Oren Nehorayintlmovers.orgComplaint denied
D2010-1116 (HTML)
D2010-1116 (Word)
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.,Rampe Purda/Privacy--Protect.orgimpreseintesasanpaolo.comTransfer
D2010-1117Shakespeare Company LLC-uglystik.comTerminated
D2010-1118 (HTML)
D2010-1118 (Word)
La Touraine, Domain Privacy / Transure Enterprise Ltd, Host
D2010-1119 (HTML)
D2010-1119 (Word)
Celilo Group Media, Inc.Domain Administratorchinookbook.comTransfer
D2010-1120 (HTML)
D2010-1120 (Word) LimitedHo Nimdatingdirectaffinaty.comTransfer
D2010-1121 (HTML)
D2010-1121 (Word)
Samsung Electronics Co., LTDBruce Peltonsamsunglighting.comTransfer
D2010-1122 (HTML)
D2010-1122 (Word)
ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) / Tech Domain Services Private Limited icaewfirms.comTransfer
D2010-1123 (HTML)
D2010-1123 (Word)
John Lewis plcJohn Westlake, Apex Insurance johnlewisinsurance.comTransfer
D2010-1124 (HTML)
D2010-1124 (Word)
Merko Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim ŞirketiDr.Mehmet Kahvecimerko.comTransfer
D2010-1125 (HTML)
D2010-1125 (Word)
A.D. Sutton & Sons, Inc.BABYESSENTIALS.COM c/o Nameview Inc. Whois IDentity Shield / Vertical Axis Inc.babyessentials.comComplaint denied
D2010-1126 (HTML)
D2010-1126 (Word)
Shakespeare Company LLCDomains by Proxy, Inc. / Bob Pfluegerpflueger.comComplaint denied
D2010-1127 (HTML)
D2010-1127 (Word)
Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc.Standard Bearer Enterprises Limitedrawlingsfootball.comTransfer
D2010-1128 (HTML)
D2010-1128 (Word)
Stock S.r.l.Domain Adminkeglevich.comTransfer
D2010-1129British Telecommunications plc-mybt.comTerminated
D2010-1130 (HTML)
D2010-1130 (Word)
Product Partners, LLCZheng Mosesp90xworld.comTransfer
D2010-1131 (HTML)
D2010-1131 (Word)
Pas Eventos y Producciones, S.L.Telecom Tech Corp.cantajuegos.comTransfer
D2010-1132 (HTML)
D2010-1132 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Xenical Fat Blockerxenical-fat-blocker.comTransfer
D2010-1133A.G. Professional Hair Care Products Ltd.-aghair.comTerminated
D2010-1134 (HTML)
D2010-1134 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Jason
D2010-1135Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited-chambalfertilizers.comTerminated
D2010-1136 (HTML)
D2010-1136 (Word)
US Community Credit UnionMoniker Privacy Services, Inc. / Registrant [2918496]:Guowei Hai Gui thomas.antwiler@gmail.comuscommunitycreditunion.comTransfer
D2010-1137Laboratoires Thea-blephasteam.infoTerminated
D2010-1138 (HTML)
D2010-1138 (Word)
Laboratoires TheaDNS Administrator, Domain Spa,
Complaint denied
D2010-1139Kingsdown Inc.-kingsdownmattress.comTerminated
D2010-1140 (HTML)
D2010-1140 (Word)
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.Domain Administratorparadisestream.comTransfer
D2010-1141 (HTML)
D2010-1141 (Word)
Vicar Operating, Inc.Domains by Proxy, Inc. / Eklin Bot Systems, Inc.eklinbot.comTransfer
D2010-1142 (HTML)
D2010-1142 (Word)
Tractor Supply Co. of Texas LP
Tractor Supply Company
D2010-1143 (HTML)
D2010-1143 (Word)
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Membership Inc.
Vyacheslav Malevichthe-costcopharmacy.comTransfer
D2010-1144 (HTML)
D2010-1144 (Word)
Pamela AndersonAlberta Hot Rods [COCO-392999]pamanderson.comTransfer with dissenting opinion
D2010-1145LEGO Juris A/S-lego-designer.comTerminated
D2010-1146LEGO Juris A/S-legoshopdeals.comTerminated
D2010-1147 (HTML)
D2010-1147 (Word)
Citibank Privatkunden AG & Co. / N/A, indish india
D2010-1148Credit Industriel Et Commercial S.A.-anti-cic.comTerminated
D2010-1149 (HTML)
D2010-1149 (Word)
Viacom International Inc.Stanley Pace / M Smurth Waitebobesponja.comTransfer
D2010-1150 (HTML)
D2010-1150 (Word)
ALSTOMDaniel Bailey (Registrant I D: tuuROSvPJbZdd2XO)alstom-td.orgTransfer
D2010-1151 (HTML)
D2010-1151 (Word)
Hershey Chocolate & confectionery CorporationRaymond Mahtwizzler.comComplaint denied
D2010-1152 (HTML)
D2010-1152 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Pavlishin Mihailcanadianaccutane.orgTransfer
D2010-1153 (HTML)
D2010-1153 (Word)
Roche Products Inc.Dion Rodriguezbuyvalium-uk.netTransfer
D2010-1154 (HTML)
D2010-1154 (Word)
L'étude ImmobiliereSARL AREXPO
SARL Etude Immobilière du Littoral (EIDL)
etudes-immobilieres.comComplaint denied
D2010-1155 (HTML)
D2010-1155 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Pavlishin I. Mihailcanadianaccutane.netTransfer
D2010-1156 (HTML)
D2010-1156 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SJ.h.Ryulegospace.comTransfer
D2010-1157 (HTML)
D2010-1157 (Word)
Novartis AGAlexander Kravtsovvoltaren.orgTransfer
D2010-1158 (HTML)
D2010-1158 (Word)
Dr Maertens Marketing GmbH
Dr Martens International Trading GmbH Domain Privacy / Transure Enterprise Ltddrmartinusa.comTransfer
D2010-1159 (HTML)
D2010-1159 (Word)
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.Milan Kovaclinksanpaolo.comTransfer
D2010-1160 (HTML)
D2010-1160 (Word)
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo LeónAbove.Com Domain Privacy / David Woouniversidadautonomadenuevoleon.comTransfer
D2010-1161 (HTML)
D2010-1161 (Word)
Principal Financial Services, Inc.Private, John Burrowesprincipalfinancialgrp.comTransfer
D2010-1162 (HTML)
D2010-1162 (Word)
Linode, LLCZhang Mingyalinodevps.comTransfer
D2010-1163 (HTML)
D2010-1163 (Word)
Beckman Coulter, Inc.Suzan Wilsonbeckcoult.comTransfer
D2010-1164 (HTML)
D2010-1164 (Word)
Vibram S.p.A.Samdy /
D2010-1165 (HTML)
D2010-1165 (Word)
Atento Inversiones y Teleservicios, S.A.UAtento Services, S.A.atentoservices.comTransfer
D2010-1166 (HTML)
D2010-1166 (Word)
Galata Televizyon Ve Radyo Yayinciliği Ticaret A.S.
Haliç Televizyon Ve Radyo Yayinciliği A.S.
Ahmed Mahadov, STR1joyturk.comTransfer
D2010-1167 (HTML)
D2010-1167 (Word)
Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers à MonacoEasthaven Ltd.suncasino.comTransfer with dissenting opinion
D2010-1168 (HTML)
D2010-1168 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SXMGlobal Inclegobuildings.comTransfer
D2010-1169 (HTML)
D2010-1169 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SAn Builegocitypolicestation.infoTransfer
D2010-1170 (HTML)
D2010-1170 (Word)
ALGECOAktif Medya
Ismail Hakki Yildiz
D2010-1171 (HTML)
D2010-1171 (Word)
Estate Diamond Exchange, Inc.Thomas Hullestatediamondexchange.comComplaint denied
D2010-1172 (HTML)
D2010-1172 (Word)
Intuit Inc.Moniker Privacy Services/ Registrant [2828726]: Charlie Kalopungi aa7group@gmail.comwebsitesintuit.comTransfer
D2010-1173 (HTML)
D2010-1173 (Word)
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbHRickmer Kose / Domains by Proxy, Inc.specsus.comComplaint denied
D2010-1174 (HTML)
D2010-1174 (Word)
Pandora Jewelry, LLCFrance, Paris jie daopandoraschmuck.netTransfer
D2010-1175 (HTML)
D2010-1175 (Word)
Enable Holdings, Inc.Domain Discreet/ Fashioninteraction, ofer kahanaredtagclothing.comComplaint denied
D2010-1176 (HTML)
D2010-1176 (Word)
Pandora Jewelry, LLCWhois Privacy Protection Service, Inc./ - Cook
D2010-1177 (HTML)
D2010-1177 (Word)
Kayak Software CorporationYeonju Hongsidestepcom.comTransfer
D2010-1178 (HTML)
D2010-1178 (Word)
Kayak Software CorporationStanley Pace, Micah Smurthwaitesidetsep.comTransfer
D2010-1179Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery
D2010-1180 (HTML)
D2010-1180 (Word)
Government Employees Insurance Company (“GEICO”)Bladimir Boyikowwwgeico.comTransfer
D2010-1181 (HTML)
D2010-1181 (Word) Inc.1-800 Communications, Inc. / c/o WWWEMUSIC.COMwwwemusic.comTransfer
D2010-1182 (HTML)
D2010-1182 (Word)
Hanover Company Store, LLCDomains by Proxy, Inc. / Martha Osbornecompanystore.comTransfer
D2010-1183 (HTML)
D2010-1183 (Word)
Botanic-Serres du SaleveStéphane Beartbotanic-place.comComplaint denied
D2010-1184 (HTML)
D2010-1184 (Word)
Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.kara taraturkcell.bizTransfer
D2010-1185 (HTML)
D2010-1185 (Word)
Easy Gardener Products, Inc.Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. / Demand Domains, Inc.easy-gardener.comTransfer
D2010-1186Fiat S.p.A.-fiatspa.comTerminated
D2010-1187 (HTML)
D2010-1187 (Word)
BzzAgent, Inc.BZZAGET.COM c/o Nameview Inc. Whois IDentity Shield / Vertical Axisbzzaget.comTransfer
D2010-1188 (HTML)
D2010-1188 (Word)
BzzAgent, Inc.BZZAGEN.COM c/o Nameview Inc. Whois IDentity Shield / Vertical Axisbzzagen.comTransfer
D2010-1189 (HTML)
D2010-1189 (Word)
Revlon Consumer Products CorporationJose Gilson de Almeidarevlonusa.netTransfer
D2010-1190 (HTML)
D2010-1190 (Word)
Revlon Consumer Products Corporation Intranzition Services, Inc.revlonoutlet.comTransfer
D2010-1191Transplatinum Service, LLC-usefleetone.comTerminated
D2010-1192Amanresorts International Pte Ltd
Amanresorts Limited
D2010-1193 (HTML)
D2010-1193 (Word)
Royale Indian Rail Tours LimitedSupinder Singhmaharajasexpres.comTransfer
D2010-1194 (HTML)
D2010-1194 (Word)
Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 / netlinkblue digital energy (p) limiteddelhi-commonwealth-games.comTransfer
D2010-1195 (HTML)
D2010-1195 (Word)
General Motors LLCPrivate Whois Servicechevydealers.comTransfer
D2010-1196 (HTML)
D2010-1196 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Dorovenaccutaneg.comTransfer
D2010-1197 (HTML)
D2010-1197 (Word)
Anjieyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.xushi chunanjieyu.comTransfer
D2010-1198GROUPAMA, SA-team-groupama.comTerminated
D2010-1199Deutschlandradio, Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts-deutschlandradio.comTerminated


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