World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2000-0001 - D2000-0199

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Last updated: May 27, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2000-0001 (HTML)
D2000-0001 (Word)
Robert EllenbogenMike Pearsonmusicweb.comTransfer
D2000-0002Telstra Corporation Ltd.-telstranet.comTerminated
D2000-0003 (HTML)
D2000-0003 (Word)
Telstra Corporation Ltd.Nuclear Marshmallowstelstra.orgTransfer
D2000-0004 (HTML)
D2000-0004 (Word)
American Vintage Wine BiscuitsShane Brownamericanvintage.comTransfer
D2000-0005 (HTML)
D2000-0005 (Word)
Telaxis Telecommunications CorporationWilliam E.
Complaint denied
D2000-0006 (HTML)
D2000-0006 (Word)
Adaptive Molecular Technologies, Inc.Priscilla Woodward and Charles R. Thortonmilitec.comComplaint denied
D2000-0007 (HTML)
D2000-0007 (Word)
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, IncLauren Raymondalcoholicsanonymous.netTransfer
D2000-0008 (HTML)
D2000-0008 (Word)
Digitronics Inventioneering
Complaint denied
D2000-0009 (HTML)
D2000-0009 (Word)
Talk City, Inc.Michael Robertsontalk-city.comTransfer
D2000-0010 (HTML)
D2000-0010 (Word)
Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc.Home
D2000-0011 (HTML)
D2000-0011 (Word)
Ronson PlcUnimetal Sanayi ve Tic.A.S.ronson.comTransfer
D2000-0012 (HTML)
D2000-0012 (Word)
Stella D'oro Biscuit Co., Inc.The Patron Group, Inc.stelladoro.comTransfer
D2000-0013 (HTML)
D2000-0013 (Word)
The Avenue, Inc.
United Retail Incorporated
Chris Guirguis
Sam Guirguis
D2000-0014 (HTML)
D2000-0014 (Word)
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.Steven S. Lalwanitheeconomictimes.comTransfer
D2000-0015 (HTML)
D2000-0015 (Word)
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.Long Distance Telephone Companythetimesofindia.comTransfer
D2000-0016 (HTML)
D2000-0016 (Word)
Allocation Network GmbHSteve Gregoryallocation.comComplaint denied
D2000-0017 (HTML)
D2000-0017 (Word)
Draw-Tite, Inc.Kevin Broderickdrawtite.comComplaint denied
D2000-0018 (HTML)
D2000-0018 (Word)
Banco Español de Credito, S.A.Miguel Duarte
Perry Vidal Tave
D2000-0019 (HTML)
D2000-0019 (Word)
Consumers' AssociationJames Hallidaygoodfoodguide.netTransfer
D2000-0020 (HTML)
D2000-0020 (Word)
Compagnie de Saint Gobain
Saint-Gobain Vitrages
Com-Union Corp.saint-gobain.netTransfer
D2000-0021 (HTML)
D2000-0021 (Word)
Ingersoll-Rand Co.Frank
D2000-0022 (HTML)
D2000-0022 (Word)
Parfums Christian Dior S.A.1 Netpower,
D2000-0023 (HTML)
D2000-0023 (Word)
Parfums Christian Dior S.A.QTR Corporationdior.orgTransfer
D2000-0024 (HTML)
D2000-0024 (Word)
Easyjet Airline Company LimitedAndrew Steggles
Easy-Jet Vacuums
D2000-0025 (HTML)
D2000-0025 (Word)
SGS Société Générale de Surveillance S.A.Inspectorate
D2000-0026 (HTML)
D2000-0026 (Word)
Teradyne Inc.Michael Boyd4tel.comComplaint denied
D2000-0027Intergamma BV-gamma.comTerminated
D2000-0028 (HTML)
D2000-0028 (Word)
Cellular One GroupPaul Briencellularonechina.comTransfer
D2000-0029 (HTML)
D2000-0029 (Word)
Credit Management Solutions, Inc.Collex Resourse
Complaint denied
D2000-0030 (HTML)
D2000-0030 (Word)
Lion Nathan LimitedWallace Waughsteinlager.comTransfer
D2000-0031Limco, Inc.
The Limited Stores, Inc.
D2000-0032 (HTML)
D2000-0032 (Word)
Nabisco Brands CompanyThe Patron
D2000-0033Moore Push-Pin Company-moorepushpin.comTerminated
D2000-0034 (HTML)
D2000-0034 (Word)
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
ISL Marketing AG
W Co. / World cup 2002 J.Y. Chung
Transfer, cancellation in part
D2000-0035 (HTML)
D2000-0035 (Word)
J.P. Morgan & Co., Incorporated
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
Resource Marketingjpmorgan.orgTransfer
D2000-0036 (HTML)
D2000-0036 (Word)
EFG Bank European Financial Group SAJacob
D2000-0037 (HTML)
D2000-0037 (Word)
Zwack Unicum Rt.Erica J. Dunazwackunicum.comTransfer
D2000-0038 (HTML)
D2000-0038 (Word)
The Channel Tunnel Group Ltd.John Powelleuro-tunnel.comTransfer
D2000-0039 (HTML)
D2000-0039 (Word)
The Ziegenfelder CompanyVMHEnterprises, Inc.budgetsaver.comTransfer
D2000-0040 (HTML)
D2000-0040 (Word)
Phone-N-Phone Services (Bermuda) Ltd.Shlomi (Salomon) Leviphonenphone.comComplaint denied
D2000-0041 (HTML)
D2000-0041 (Word)
Reef Industries, Inc.Moose Lake Products Company, Inc.rollasign.comTransfer
D2000-0042 (HTML)
D2000-0042 (Word)
Compaq Computer CorporationBoris
D2000-0043Safmarine Container Lines NV-safmarine.comTerminated
D2000-0044 (HTML)
D2000-0044 (Word)
Educational Testing ServiceTOEFL d/b/a Web Connectionstoefl.comTransfer
D2000-0045 (HTML)
D2000-0045 (Word)
Hipercor, S.A.Miguel Gonzalezhipercor.comTransfer
D2000-0046 (HTML)
D2000-0046 (Word)
Avnet, Inc.Aviation Network, Inc.avnet.netComplaint denied
D2000-0047 (HTML)
D2000-0047 (Word)
Eauto, L.L.C.Triple S Auto Parts d/b/a Kung Fu Yea Enterprises, Inc.eautolamps.comComplaint denied
D2000-0048Heinrich Bauer-Verlag-praline.comTerminated
D2000-0049 (HTML)
D2000-0049 (Word)
Tata Sons Ltd.The Advanced Information Technology Associationtata.orgTransfer
D2000-0050 (HTML)
D2000-0050 (Word)
The British Broadcasting CorporationJaime
D2000-0051 (HTML)
D2000-0051 (Word)
Randstad General Partner (U.S.), LLCDomains For Sale For Youofficespecialists.comTransfer
D2000-0052 (HTML)
D2000-0052 (Word)
Société FranpinPaint-Toolsfranpin.comTransfer
D2000-0053 (HTML)
D2000-0053 (Word)
Microsoft CorporationIf you want this domain, please contact me (aka Amit Mehrotra)microsoft.orgTransfer
D2000-0054 (HTML)
D2000-0054 (Word)
J. Crew International, Inc.crew.comcrew.comTransfer with dissenting opinion
D2000-0055 (HTML)
D2000-0055 (Word)
Guerlain S.A.PeiKangguerlain.netTransfer
D2000-0056 (HTML)
D2000-0056 (Word)
Bellevue Square Managers, Inc.Redmond Webbellevuesquare.comTransfer
D2000-0057 (HTML)
D2000-0057 (Word)
Adobe Systems IncorporatedDomain
D2000-0058 (HTML)
D2000-0058 (Word)
United Advertising Publications, Inc.Net Marketingforrent.comTransfer
D2000-0059 (HTML)
D2000-0059 (Word)
Barney's, Inc.B. N. Y. Bulletin Boardbarneysnewyork.comTransfer
D2000-0060 (HTML)
D2000-0060 (Word)
Harrods LimitedRobert Boyddodialfayed.comTransfer, Inc.-inforspace.comTerminated
D2000-0062 (HTML)
D2000-0062 (Word)
Potomac Mills Limited PartnershipGambit Capital
D2000-0063Intertek Testing Services N.A. Inc.-ram.comTerminated
D2000-0064 (HTML)
D2000-0064 (Word)
The Rockport Company, LLCGerard A. Powell1800rockport.comTransfer
D2000-0065 (HTML)
D2000-0065 (Word)
Surfdog Inc.Charles Cooper d/b/a Tripple C Enterprisessurfdog.comTransfer
D2000-0066 (HTML)
D2000-0066 (Word)
China Ocean Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd.Cao Shan Huicosco.comTransfer
D2000-0067 (HTML)
D2000-0067 (Word)
Vanguard Medica LimitedTheo McCormickmiguard.comComplaint denied
D2000-0068 (HTML)
D2000-0068 (Word), Inc.Delighters, Inc. d/b/a Cyber Joe's Internet Cafémyinfospace.comComplaint denied
D2000-0069 (HTML)
D2000-0069 (Word), Inc.Registrar Administratorwwwinfospaces.comTransfer, Inc.-wwwinfospace.comTerminated
D2000-0071 (HTML)
D2000-0071 (Word)
CSA International aka Canadian Standards AssociationCare Tech Industries, Inc.
John O. Shannon
D2000-0072 (HTML)
D2000-0072 (Word)
Astro-Med, Inc.B. Evans
Merry Christmas Everyone!
D2000-0073 (HTML)
D2000-0073 (Word)
The Hamlet Group, Inc.James Lansfordhamburgerhamlet.comTransfer
D2000-0074 (HTML)
D2000-0074 (Word), Inc.Infospace Technologymicroinfospace.comComplaint denied
D2000-0075 (HTML)
D2000-0075 (Word), Inc.Tenenbaum Oferinfo-space.comTransfer
D2000-0076 (HTML)
D2000-0076 (Word), Inc.Hari Prakashindiainfospace.comTransfer
D2000-0077United Television, Inc.-utv.comTerminated
D2000-0078 (HTML)
D2000-0078 (Word)
Mpower Communications Corp.Park Lodge Hotelm-power.netComplaint denied
D2000-0079 (HTML)
D2000-0079 (Word)
Motorola, Inc.Newgate Internettalkabout.comTransfer with dissenting opinion
D2000-0080 (HTML)
D2000-0080 (Word)
Alaska Airlines, Inc.Alf Temmealaskaairlines.orgTransfer
D2000-0081 (HTML)
D2000-0081 (Word)
Torraspapel, S.A.Evidence Interactivetorraspapel.comTransfer
D2000-0082TPI Holdings,
D2000-0083Network Associates, Inc.-i-mln.comTerminated
D2000-0084Ryohin Keikaku Co.Ltd-muji.comTerminated
D2000-0085Mistral Pictures,
D2000-0086 (HTML)
D2000-0086 (Word)
Association of British Travel Agents Ltd.Sterling Hotel Group Ltd.abta.netTransfer
D2000-0087 (HTML)
D2000-0087 (Word)
Educational Testing ServiceNetKorea Co.toeic.netTransfer
D2000-0088Unipart Group Ltd.-unipart.comTerminated
D2000-0089 (HTML)
D2000-0089 (Word)
Pacific Place Holdings
Source Internet Group, Inc.
pacificplace.comComplaint denied
D2000-0090 (HTML)
D2000-0090 (Word)
Marconi Data Systems, Inc.Ink Source, Inc.
Irg Coins,
D2000-0091 (HTML)
D2000-0091 (Word)
Finter Bank ZürichGianluca
D2000-0092 (HTML)
D2000-0092 (Word)
Array Printers ABLennart Nordelltonerjet.comTransfer
D2000-0093Francisco Torres Diaz-fotoventas.comTerminated
D2000-0094 (HTML)
D2000-0094 (Word)
Royal Crown Company, Inc.Bishop Marketingdiet-rite.comTransfer
D2000-0095 (HTML)
D2000-0095 (Word)
NetVault Ltd.Sunil Walia a/k/a Baldev S. Ahluwalia
SV Computers
netvault.comTransfer with dissenting opinion
D2000-0096 (HTML)
D2000-0096 (Word)
Eauto, L.L.C.Eauto Partseautoparts.comComplaint denied
D2000-0097 (HTML)
D2000-0097 (Word)
Avnet, Inc.Av-Network, Inc.avnet.orgComplaint denied
D2000-0098 (HTML)
D2000-0098 (Word)
Christian Dior Couture SABill
D2000-0099Fiddlehead, Inc.-fiddlehead.comTerminated
D2000-0100 (HTML)
D2000-0100 (Word)
High-Class Distributions, S.r.l.Online Entertainment Serviceshighclass.comComplaint denied
D2000-0101Basketball World, Inc.-basketballworld.comTerminated
D2000-0102 (HTML)
D2000-0102 (Word)
Nokia CorporationIBCC a/k/a Nokiagirls.comnokiagirls.comCancellation
D2000-0103Eauto, L.L.C.-e-automotive.comTerminated
D2000-0104 (HTML)
D2000-0104 (Word)
Eauto, L.L.C.Net Me Upeautomotive.comComplaint denied
D2000-0105 (HTML)
D2000-0105 (Word)
Pet WarehousePetWarehouse.competwarehouse.comComplaint denied
D2000-0106 (HTML)
D2000-0106 (Word)
Gateway, Inc.David Ayersgatewaypccountry.comTransfer
D2000-0107Ermenegildo Zegna Corporation
Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna / Figli S.p.A. Consitex S.A.
D2000-0108 (HTML)
D2000-0108 (Word)
Nike, Inc.Granger & Associatesniketown.comTransfer
D2000-0109 (HTML)
D2000-0109 (Word)
Gateway, Inc.Pixelera.Com, Inc.gate-way.comComplaint denied
D2000-0110 (HTML)
D2000-0110 (Word)
3636275 Canada, a Canadia corporation, dba eResolutioneResolution.comeresolution.comTransfer
D2000-0111 (HTML)
D2000-0111 (Word)
Home Director, Inc.HomeDirectorhomedirector.comTransfer
D2000-0112 (HTML)
D2000-0112 (Word)
Strålfors ABP D S ABstralfors.comTransfer
D2000-0113 (HTML)
D2000-0113 (Word)
Stanley Logisitics, Inc.
The Stanley Works
Camp Creek Co.
D2000-0115 (HTML)
D2000-0115 (Word)
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.Adtel Communications & Jay
D2000-0117Eauto, L.L.C.-e-automotive.netTerminated
D2000-0118 (HTML)
D2000-0118 (Word)
Chargers Football Company
National Football League Properties, Inc.
One Sex Entertainment Company and One Sex Entertainment Company a/k/a
D2000-0119 (HTML)
D2000-0119 (Word)
Chernow Communications Inc.Jonathan D. Kimballccom.comTransfer with dissenting opinion
D2000-0120 (HTML)
D2000-0120 (Word)
Eauto, d/b/a, Inc.e-auto-parts.comTransfer
D2000-0121 (HTML)
D2000-0121 (Word)
Eauto, L.L.C.E Auto Parts, Inc.eautoinc.comComplaint denied
D2000-0122Country Road Clothing Pty Ltd.-countryroad.comTerminated
D2000-0123 (HTML)
D2000-0123 (Word)
Serta, Inc.Maximum Investment
D2000-0124 (HTML)
D2000-0124 (Word)
The Wiggles Touring Pty LimitedThompson Media Pty
D2000-0126News Group Newspapers Ltd.-supergoals.comTerminated
D2000-0127 (HTML)
D2000-0127 (Word)
Busy Body, Inc.Fitness Outlet, Inc.efitnesswarehouse.comTransfer
D2000-0128 (HTML)
D2000-0128 (Word)
B&B Holdings, Inc. / Green Bay Packers, Inc. / Jacksonville Jaguars Ltd ./ Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, Inc. / Philadelphia Eagles Limited Partnership
National Football League Properties, Inc.
Rusty A. Rahe a/k/a R.A. Rahe Dream Productions, Inc. and a/k/a Deb Marketing,
D2000-0129 (HTML)
D2000-0129 (Word)
Gateway, Inc.Bellgr, Inc.gateway-computer.comTransfer
D2000-0130 (HTML)
D2000-0130 (Word)
E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and CompanyAvant Garde
Complaint denied
D2000-0131 (HTML)
D2000-0131 (Word)
SeekAmerica Networks Inc.Tariq Masood and Solo Signsseek-america.comTransfer
D2000-0132 (HTML)
D2000-0132 (Word)
Flammarion S.A.Lee Ha-wonflammarion.comTransfer
D2000-0133 (HTML)
D2000-0133 (Word)
The Chicago Tribune CompanyJose P. Varkeychicago-tribune.netTransfer
D2000-0134 (HTML)
D2000-0134 (Word)
Pharmacia & Upjohn CompanyMoreonlinerogaine.netTransfer
D2000-0135 (HTML)
D2000-0135 (Word)
A.P. MøllerWeb
D2000-0136RUI One Corp. d/b/a Restaurants Unlimited-palomino.comTerminated
D2000-0137 (HTML)
D2000-0137 (Word)
Expedia, Inc.European Travel Networkxpediatravel.comTransfer
D2000-0138 (HTML)
D2000-0138 (Word)
Quixtar Investments, Inc.Scott A. Smithberger (a.k.a. Scott Smithy) and Quixtar-Iboquixtar-sign-up.comTransfer
D2000-0139 (HTML)
D2000-0139 (Word)
Moana Pacific Fisheries LimitedTurner New Zealandmoanapacific.comTransfer
D2000-0140 (HTML)
D2000-0140 (Word)
Cortefiel, S.A.Miguel García Quintascortefiel.orgTransfer
D2000-0141 (HTML)
D2000-0141 (Word)
Cortefiel, S.A.Javier García Quintascortefiel.comTransfer
D2000-0142Tricky Puzzles
D2000-0143 (HTML)
D2000-0143 (Word)
Raimat, S.A. (Mercedes Barriocanal)Antonio Casalsraimat.comTransfer
D2000-0144Surcouf, S.A.-surcouf.comTerminated
D2000-0146 (HTML)
D2000-0146 (Word)
Siba AktebolagTorbjorn Hellerstadsiba.comTransfer
D2000-0147 (HTML)
D2000-0147 (Word)
National Football League Properties, Inc.
Richardson Sports Limited Partnership
BBC ABcarolinapanthers.comTransfer
D2000-0148 (HTML)
D2000-0148 (Word)
CCA Industries, Inc.Bobby R. Daileybikinizone.comTransfer
D2000-0149 (HTML)
D2000-0149 (Word)
Football Club des Girondins de BordeauxAnnie Arrgirondinsdebordeaux.comTransfer
D2000-0150 (HTML)
D2000-0150 (Word)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Walmarket Canadawalmartcanada.comTransfer
D2000-0151 (HTML)
D2000-0151 (Word)
Arla, ekonomisk föreningPDS and Tony Lennartssonarla.comTransfer
D2000-0152CFO Publishing Corporation-cfo.comTerminated
D2000-0153 (HTML)
D2000-0153 (Word)
Union des associations européennes de football (UEFA)Alliance International Media (AIM)uefachampionsleague.comTransfer
D2000-0154 (HTML)
D2000-0154 (Word)
The Board of Regents of The University of NebraskaBill Saedlouniversityofnebraska.comTransfer
D2000-0155 (HTML)
D2000-0155 (Word)
Empresa Brasileira de Telecomunicações S.A. - EmbratelGustavo Telesembratel.netTransfer
D2000-0156 (HTML)
D2000-0156 (Word)
TRW Inc.Autoscan Inc.trw.netTransfer
D2000-0157Creo Products Inc,
Scitex Corporation Ltd.
D2000-0158 (HTML)
D2000-0158 (Word)
IRIE FMFitzroy Beckfordiriefm.comComplaint denied
D2000-0159 (HTML)
D2000-0159 (Word)
Sanrio Company, Ltd.
Sanrio, Inc.
D2000-0160 (HTML)
D2000-0160 (Word)
Creo Products Inc.
Scitex Corporation Ltd.
Website in Developmentcreo-scitex.comComplaint denied
D2000-0161 (HTML)
D2000-0161 (Word)
Zero International HoldingBeyonet Serviceszero.comComplaint denied
D2000-0162 (HTML)
D2000-0162 (Word)
Cortefiel, S.A.The Gallery Grouppedrodelhierro.comTransfer
D2000-0163 (HTML)
D2000-0163 (Word)
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Maison Fondée en 1772The Polygenix Group Co.veuveclicquot.orgTransfer
D2000-0164 (HTML)
D2000-0164 (Word)
Empresa Brasileira de Telecomunicações S.A. - EmbratelKevin McCarthyembratel.comTransfer
D2000-0165 (HTML)
D2000-0165 (Word)
Blue Sky Software CorporationAbdullah Khan
Digital Sierra Inc.
D2000-0166 (HTML)
D2000-0166 (Word)
Plaza Operating Partners, Ltd.Joseph Pillus
Popdata Technologies
D2000-0167 (HTML)
D2000-0167 (Word)
Nike, Inc.Farrukh
D2000-0168Ermenegildo Zegna Corporation
Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna / Figli S.p.A. Consitex S.A.
D2000-0169 (HTML)
D2000-0169 (Word)
Scania CV ABLeif Westlyescaniabilar.comTransfer
D2000-0170 (HTML)
D2000-0170 (Word)
Sadd, Inc.d/b/a Weber Technologies /
Steven Weber
D2000-0171 (HTML)
D2000-0171 (Word)
The Richards Group, Inc.Click Here!, Inc.clickhere.netTransfer
D2000-0172 (HTML)
D2000-0172 (Word)
Sanrio Company, Ltd.
Sanrio, Inc.
Neric Lausanriosurprises.comTransfer
D2000-0173 (HTML)
D2000-0173 (Word)
Europay International, Inc. / Chad Folkening
D2000-0174 (HTML)
D2000-0174 (Word)
Interep National Radio Sales, Inc.Internet Domain Names, Inc.eradio.comComplaint denied
D2000-0175 (HTML)
D2000-0175 (Word)
Interep National Radio Sales, Inc.Technical Staffing Corporatione-radio.comComplaint denied
D2000-0176 (HTML)
D2000-0176 (Word)
Washington Mutual, Inc.
WM Financial Services, Inc.
Bryan Weatherup d/b/a Weatherup & McIntosh Financial Serviceswmfinancialservices.comTransfer
D2000-0177 (HTML)
D2000-0177 (Word)
Bartercard International Pty. Ltd.
Bartercard Ltd.
Ashton-Hall Computer Servicesbartercard.orgTransfer
D2000-0178Montblanc-Simplo GmbH-montblanc.orgTerminated
D2000-0179 (HTML)
D2000-0179 (Word)
Medisite S.A.Intellisolve Ltd.medisite.comTransfer
D2000-0180 (HTML)
D2000-0180 (Word)
Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc.Make A. Aford (Tim Wenk)theboldandthebeautiful.comTransfer
D2000-0181 (HTML)
D2000-0181 (Word)
DFO, Inc.Christian Williamsdennys.netTransfer
D2000-0182Safeguard Scientifics,
D2000-0183Nike, Inc.-nikegolf.comTerminated
D2000-0184 (HTML)
D2000-0184 (Word)
The Southern CompanyChad Doms a/k/a Chad Folkeningsoutherncompany.comTransfer
D2000-0185 (HTML)
D2000-0185 (Word)
ABF Freight System, Inc.American Legaltimekeeper.comTransfer
D2000-0186 (HTML)
D2000-0186 (Word)
Libro, AGGlobal Link Ltd.libro.comComplaint denied
D2000-0187 (HTML)
D2000-0187 (Word)
Weber-Stephen Products Co.Armitage
Complaint denied
D2000-0188The Professional Golfers' Association of America-ryder-cup.comTerminated
D2000-0189 (HTML)
D2000-0189 (Word)
United States Olympic CommitteeMICusolympicstore.comTransfer
D2000-0190 (HTML)
D2000-0190 (Word)
Bridgestone / Firestone Research, Inc. / Bridgestone Corporation
Bridgestone Firestone, Inc.
Jack Myersbridgestone-firestone.netComplaint denied
D2000-0191 (HTML)
D2000-0191 (Word)
International Data Group, Inc.The Applied Media Companies, Inc.publish.orgComplaint denied
D2000-0192 (HTML)
D2000-0192 (Word)
International Air Transport AssociationASB (Schweiz) a/k/a Park Lane Travel Related Services
Traverse Too a/k/a Park Lane Travel Related Services
D2000-0193 (HTML)
D2000-0193 (Word)
Formula One Licensing, B.V.Formula One Internetf1.comComplaint denied
D2000-0194 (HTML)
D2000-0194 (Word)
Recordati S.p.A.Domain Name Clearing Companyrecordati.comTransfer
D2000-0195 (HTML)
D2000-0195 (Word)
Slumberland FranceChadia Achouriepeda.comTransfer
D2000-0196 (HTML)
D2000-0196 (Word)
August Storck, KGTony Mohamedwerthersoriginal.comTransfer
D2000-0197Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel Limited
D2000-0198 (HTML)
D2000-0198 (Word)
Gateway, Inc.James


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