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All Cases: D2008-0200 - D2008-0399

Last updated: Aug 25, 2016

Case Number Domain Name(s) Complainant Respondent Commencement Date Case Status
D2008-0200Schaefer-Grigg Management Corporation--Terminated
D2008-0201Weetech Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0202Zontec Ozone Inc.3v networks-Decided
D2008-0203Marvel Characters, Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0204Nutri/System IPHC Inc.Ms. Lacy Ana De Oliveira-Decided
D2008-0205Interactive Study Systems Inc.Beachfront Quizzer, Inc. (“BFQ”)-Decided
D2008-0206The Saul Zaentz Company--Terminated
D2008-0207BlueScope Steel Limitedfan zuoxin -Decided
D2008-0208Orphee Beinoglou International Forwarders S.A.--Terminated
D2008-0209Uponor Innovation AB
Uponor Oyj
Iman G. Mohammadi, Network Supporters Co. Ltd.-Decided
D2008-0210Sanford Winery CompanyMatt Geiser-Decided
D2008-0211The Coca-Cola Company--Terminated
D2008-0212AB Tetra Pak
Birgit Rausing
Darren Morgan-Decided
D2008-0213Cardinal Health Inc.Whois Privacy Protection Service Inc / Comdot Internet Services Private Limited-Decided
D2008-0214GMB Inc.Nevis Domains / Moniker Privacy Services-Decided
D2008-0215Muckleshoot Indian Tribe--Terminated
D2008-0216Marblo (Holdings) Pty Limited--Terminated
D2008-0217Newton 21 Europe saAxafina, Inc.
Chris Bejoian
Mr. Robby A.J. Mingels
D2008-0218Nokia CorporationJamie Beadle-Decided
D2008-0219Deutsche Telekom AGJanaslani Enterprises, LLC-Decided
D2008-0220News Holdings Limitednoblemay (aka George May)-Decided
D2008-0221Amanresorts International Pte Ltd.
Amanresorts Limited
Garnier Thierry / Amangani Resorts-Decided
D2008-0222Linus & Lotta Postorder Aktiebolag--Terminated
D2008-0223Linus & Lotta Postorder Aktiebolag--Terminated
D2008-0224Linus & Lotta Postorder Aktiebolag--Terminated
D2008-0225GUINOT SASVladimir SOBOLKOV-Decided
10 Selling-Decided
D2008-0227Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF)--Terminated
D2008-0228ALSTOMStone Mengue-Decided, Inc.Nurhul Chee / Robert Murry -Decided, Inc.Kevin Andrews-Decided
D2008-0232Compagnie Gervais Danone--Terminated
D2008-0233Kooks Custom Headers, Inc.Global DNS, LLC-Decided
D2008-0234Georgia Power Company
The Southern Company
Wang Congming-Decided
D2008-0235FD Management, Inc.Telecom Tech Corp.-Decided
D2008-0236GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist ConventionIgor Nikolenko -Decided
D2008-0237Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.UrProxy Domains-Decided
D2008-0238Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0239CELS Enterprises, Inc.
Robert L. Goldman
David Halstead/Domain Administration Limited-Decided
D2008-0240Pharma Medico UK LimitedPharma Vita, Nigel Fawkes-Decided
D2008-0241Davidoff & Cie SAIT SYS-Decided
D2008-0242TeleperformanceClick Cons. Ltd.-Decided
D2008-0243Mr. Uday Kotak Richard Brown-Decided
D2008-0244SUPER SUPPLEMENTSVertical Axis, Inc -Decided
D2008-0245National Wind Watch, Inc.Jonathan Linowes/Parkerhill Technology Group LLC-Decided
D2008-0246Banco do Estado di Rio Grande do Sul, S.A.--Terminated
D2008-0247The Commercial Bank of Qatar Q.S.C.--Terminated
D2008-0248The Commercial Bank of Qatar Q.S.C.--Terminated
D2008-0249The Commercial Bank of Qatar Q.S.C.--Terminated
D2008-0250F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG--Terminated
D2008-0251F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG--Terminated
D2008-0252Veolia EnvironnementDomains by Proxy, Inc./Bethesda Properties LLC-Decided
D2008-0253Red Bull GmbHCarl Gamel-Decided
D2008-0254F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGJulio Alvares-Decided
D2008-0255Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.--Terminated
D2008-0256Earth Products Inc.Deng Youqian-Decided
D2008-0257Furniture Traditions Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0258Forever 21Matthias Moench-Decided
D2008-0259Mr. Gianluca BagnaraFrancesco de Leo-Decided
D2008-0260Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.ACharles Kirkpatrick-Decided
D2008-0261Volvo Trademark Holding ABZhang Xinyu-Decided
D2008-0262Research in Motion LimitedNicholas Stewart-Decided
D2008-0263Darkside Productions Inc.Whois Guard Protected-Decided
D2008-0264The British Broadcasting CorporationNA-Decided
D2008-0265Marvel Manufacturing Company Inc.Koba Internet Sales, LP-Decided
D2008-0266E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and CompanyStefan Svensson-Decided
D2008-0267Berlitz Investment CorporationTelecom Tech Corp.-Decided
D2008-0268Societe des technologies de l'aluminium du saguena Inc.Success Inc.-Decided
D2008-0269Sandisk CorporationSoocheon Lee-Decided
D2008-0270Myxer Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0271Billy Bush--Terminated
D2008-0272Ancien Restaurant Co-Decided
D2008-0273Deutsche Post AG
DHL Operations B.V.
D2008-0274Escada AGPhil Mitchell-Decided
D2008-0275Elite Licensing Company S.A.
Elite Model Managemet
A Sweet Sickness 666 / Domains by Proxy Inc.
Elite Models International
D2008-0276Nutri/System IPHC Inc.Monumental Trading, LCC / Domains by Proxy Inc.-Decided
D2008-0277Grateful Web Inc.DVB Enterprises-Decided
D2008-0278Simon & Schuster Inc.Domain Administrator Limited c/o David Halstead-Decided
D2008-0279Sony Corporation
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
Umbeke Membe, Deleting domain-Decided
D2008-0280Corrections Corporation of AmericaTexas International Property Associates-Decided
D2008-0282Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.--Terminated
D2008-0283Wizard Co. Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0284Earl G. Graves Ltd.
Earl G. Graves Publishing Company Inc.
Earl G. Graves, Sr.,
The O Vibe-Decided
D2008-0285Forest Laboratories Inc.A. Delsey, Pharmacy Network-Decided
D2008-0286Earl G. Graves
The O Vibe
D2008-0287AlstomDomain Investments LLC-Decided
D2008-0288Nutri/System IPHC Inc.Sinclare Vabalon-Decided
D2008-0289LeasePlan Corporation N.V.CKV, Domain Administrator
Vertical Axis, Inc.
D2008-0290A.P. Moller Maersk A/S--Terminated
D2008-0291AccorVista Holdings Inc.-Decided
D2008-0292Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma--Terminated
D2008-0293Whirlpool Corporation
Whirlpool Properties, Inc.
Hui'erpu(HK) electrical applicance co. ltd.-Decided
D2008-0294Deutsche Post AGLiu Shen-Decided
D2008-0295Avio S.p.a.Domain Discreet
William Obeid
D2008-0296Deutsche Telekom AGAndrew Miller-Decided
D2008-0297Align Technology Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0298Align Technology Inc.Web Services Pty-Decided
D2008-0299Align Technology, Inc.Scott Krager-Decided
D2008-0300Align Technology, Inc.“All Smiles” Dentistry-Decided
D2008-0301Wagamama LimitedPark Hae Dong-Decided
D2008-0302Breitling SA
Breitling USA Inc.
Whois Privacy Protection Service Inc. / -Decided
D2008-0303Gray Television Group, Inc.Bladimir Boyiko-Decided
D2008-0305Melaleuca, Inc.Domains by Proxy, Inc./ evon smith-Decided
D2008-0306Seoul Laser Dieboard System Co., Ltd.SDS USA, Inc.-Decided
D2008-0307Expert Travel Services, LLCTexas International Property Associates- NA NA-Decided
D2008-0308BasicNet S.p.A.Jinpoong
Park Myung Hwan
D2008-0309Solaglas LimitedTony Emerton-Decided
D2008-0310International Organization for Standardization ISO--Terminated
D2008-0311Pfizer Holding FranceCompany
D2008-0312SmoothWall LimitedDry Wall Inc, Logan Donners-Decided
D2008-0313Hertz System, Inc.Total Net Solutions -Decided
D2008-0314Bryston Limited--Terminated
D2008-0315Columbia Insurance Company
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
D2008-0316Affinion Publishing LLCLink Domain/ Daniel Concepcion-Decided
D2008-0317Inter-Continental Hotels Corporation--Terminated
D2008-0318State of FloridaEdelsbacher Design Group KEG
Edelsbacher Design Group KEG
Guenther Edelsbacher
Siegfried Maier
D2008-0319Forest Laboratories, Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0320Forest Laboratories, Inc.MLC-Decided
D2008-0321Bacchus Gate Corporation d/b/a International Wine AccessoriesCKV, Domain Administrator / Port Media, Inc.-Decided
D2008-0322Eric Haddad KoenigAll Ltd, Selena Kovalski -Decided
D2008-0323Macromedia IncorporatedTotto Cutugno-Decided
D2008-0324MasterCard International IncorporatedDL Webb-Decided
D2008-0325MasterCard International IncorporatedAbadaba SA,Administrator de dominios-Decided
D2008-0326Deutsche Post AGYonghua Zhang-Decided
D2008-0327Têxtil Cães de Pedra, S.A.--Terminated
D2008-0328Hard Rock Café International (USA) Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0329Société Air France--Terminated
D2008-0330Société Air FranceAtul Sharma-Decided
D2008-0331L'Association des Centres Distributeurs E. Leclerc -A.C.D Lec--Terminated
D2008-0332Viking Range CorporationDomains By Proxy - Proxy Account-Decided
D2008-0333Photographic Solutions, Inc.Fariborz R-Dehghan-Decided
D2008-0334Holiday Autos International Limited--Terminated
D2008-0335Ferrosan A/S--Terminated
D2008-0336NutriSystem IPHC, Inc.Craig Rosenfeld-Decided
D2008-0337Luc VetsBelize Domain WHOIS Service LT-Decided
D2008-0338APN Media, LLC--Terminated
D2008-0339United Parcel Service of America, Inc.Michael Robert -Decided
D2008-0340Gina Lollobrigida--Terminated
D2008-0341Kirkbi AG
LEGO Juris A/S
Lucasfilm Ltd.
D2008-0342Gene Kelly Image TrustBWI Domain Manager-Decided
D2008-0343The Sporting Exchange LimitedJosh Adams-Decided
D2008-0344The Sporting Exchange LimitedNone, Georg Westin-Decided
D2008-0345Ferrarelle S.p.A.--Terminated
D2008-0346SIM2 MULTIMEDIA S.p.A.--Terminated
D2008-0347DeTeMedien Deutsche Telekom Medien GmbH--Terminated
D2008-0348The United States Shoe Corporation--Terminated
D2008-0349Ticketmaster Corporation--Terminated
D2008-0350Ticketmaster CorporationWhoisGuard Protected-Decided
D2008-0351Barbara Brennan, Inc.Texas International Property Associates - NA NA-Decided
D2008-0352Golden Door Licensor, LLCProtected, WhoisGuard/Chen Bao Shui-Decided
D2008-0353Compagnie Gervais Danone--Terminated
D2008-0354Evonik Degussa GmbH,--Terminated
D2008-0355GA MODEFINE SAYonghui Huang-Decided
D2008-0356Conran Limited
Sir Terrence Conran
Domain Admin-Decided
D2008-0357Conran Limited--Terminated
D2008-0358Sir Terrence ConranTexas International Property Associates - NA NA-Decided
D2008-0359Reebok International LimitedDomain Privacy Service
Hong Kong Names LLC
D2008-0360Cyberpresse Inc.
La Presse, Ltée
Dan Kouri-Decided
D2008-0361Aspis Liv Försäkrings AB
Aspis Pronia General Insurance Co S.A.
Nikos Konstantinidis-Decided
D2008-0362Deutsche Telekom AG--Terminated
D2008-0363Leon's Furniture Limited--Terminated
D2008-0364Hayrioglu Nakliyat Ltd.Kendal Andan-Decided
D2008-0365Sony Corporation--Terminated
D2008-0366Sony Corporation--Terminated
D2008-0367Stanworth Development LimitedDotster, Inc.-Decided
D2008-0368Sony Corporation--Terminated
D2008-0369Commune municipale de MiègeAntoine Berner-Decided
D2008-0370Delta Air Lines, Inc.Domain Administrator
Moniker Privacy Services
D2008-0371No Fear, Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0372Cox Newspapers, Inc. d/b/a Dayton Daily NewsPabloPalermao -Decided
D2008-0373Cox Newspapers, Inc. d/b/a Dayton Daily News--Terminated
D2008-0374Darden CorporationTexas International Property Associates-Decided
D2008-0375Messe Frankfurt GmbHTexas International Property Associates - NA NA-Decided
Texas International Property Associates - NA NA-Decided
D2008-0377ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AGIdealist-Decided
D2008-0378Arla Foods ambahem-Decided
D2008-0379Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.--Terminated
D2008-0380Sussex SafetywearSafety Wear & Signs/ Theo Lyons-Decided
D2008-0381ResortQuest International, Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0382Forest Laboratories, Inc.candrug-Decided
D2008-0383Forest Laboratories, Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0384Wolters Kluwer U.S. CorporationTransure Enterprise Ltd-Decided
D2008-0385Wolters Kluwer U.S. Corporation--Terminated
D2008-0386Regan, Cambell & Ward L.L.CSite Services International, Richard Sorensen-Decided
D2008-0387Aspis Liv Försäkrings ABNeon Network, LLC-Decided
D2008-0388TicketWeb, Inc.--Terminated
D2008-0389Banco do Brasil S.A.The Universal Kingdom, LLC -Decided
D2008-0390Chase Paymentech Solutions LLCRob Kim-Decided
D2008-0391Victoria Racing Club Limited--Terminated
D2008-0392CIMB Investment Bank Berhad--Terminated
D2008-0393Elvstrom Sails A/SMoniker Privacy Services/ City-Pass FCDCI-Decided
D2008-0394Arsalon Technologies, LLC--Terminated
D2008-0395ChoicePoint Asset Company LLCTexas International Property Associates - NA NA-Decided
D2008-0396Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc.Vadim Krivitsky-Decided
D2008-0397David FooxBill Hicks-Decided
D2008-0398Done Brothers (Cash Betting) Limited--Terminated
D2008-0399Done Brothers (Cash Betting) LimitedKarl Eckersley-Decided


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