WIPO/SGAE Training Course on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights

The course is organized in cooperation with the General Authors’ and Publishers’ Society of Spain (SGAE).

Content and Structure

  • collective management of rights of authors, editors and their heirs;
  • legal advice for right owners;
  • SGAE’s information infrastructure;
  • broadcasting licenses;
  • SGAE’s technical assistance service for Latin American societies for the management of rights;
  • exclusive licenses, fee collection;
  • measures for the control of digital networks, audiovisual products and records;
  • SGAE's experience in contracting and licensing;
  • rights of remuneration for private copy (audio or video) and for renting video and record support devices;
  • SGAE's experience in mechanical reproduction;
  • overview of legal services: functioning and organization;
  • litigation services; cultural advice services;
  • management of artistic works: documentation of audiovisual works; right owners of audiovisual works and rights managed by SGAE;
  • SGAE’s quality management;
  • institutional relations and strategic analysis;
  • changes in copyright and related rights protection.


Course Basics