WIPO/ILPO Training Course on Patent Search and Examination in the Pharmaceutical Field

The course is organized in cooperation with the Israel Patent Office.

Content and Structure

  • introduction to the Israel Patent Office (ILPO);
  • functions of the Patent Administration Department;
  • the Israel patent system;
  • meeting with the pharma examiners team,
  • novelty, inventive step, clarity and enablement in the pharmaceutical field;
  • claim types,
  • introduction to free of charge on-line databases,
  • pharma-related search strategies;
  • examination of a patent application and preparation of an examination report;
  • method of treatment claim issues in Israel;
  • ever-greening: the tug of war between generic and ethical industries,
  • Israel Drug Registry;
  • traditional knowledge – evolving attitudes;
  • role of extension orders in pharmaceutical patents;
  • pharma related judicial decisions
    • - dosage regimes
    • - the disappearing Polymorph;
  • visit to a pharmaceutical company.


Course Basics