WIPO/BCC Training Course on Copyright and Related Rights

The course is organized in cooperation with the British Copyright Council (BCC).

Content and Structure

  • United Kingdom Copyright Law: general overview in the context of national, international and regional developments;
  • overlap between copyright, trademarks, patents and design;
  • traditional knowledge;
  • copyright and developing countries, including a project on perspective of developing countries;
  • copyright and competition law;
  • copyright and parallel imports;
  • role of the government in relation to IP including policy development and consultative process;
  • publishers’ rights and interests;
  • moral rights of authors and performers;
  • rights in software and computer programs, including business methods;
  • authors’ rights and interests: literary and dramatic works legal basis and case law; publishing contracts and the relationship between authors, agents and their publishers;
  • broadcasters’ rights and interests;
  • broadcasting agreements and the work of script and screen writers;
  • managing contributor rights at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the digital environment;
  • rights and interests of directors and producers;
  • copyright licensing agency - reprographic copying and the work of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA);
  • licensing for educational use;
  • public lending right in the United Kingdom;
  • copyright awareness - the role and activities of the British Music Rights;
  • copyright action in the United Kingdom - a case study;
  • interagency cooperation in the enforcement of copyright;
  • enforcement of copyright - the experience of the computer program/games producers;
  • copyright from the perspective of the judiciary;
  • visit to the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI) or the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI);
  • IFPI’s policy approach, dealing with internet and hard copy piracy and counterfeiting including use of forensics in court proceedings;
  • presentation by the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) Anti-Piracy Unit;
  • issues for image collections and libraries holding copyright protected and public domain works, and the digitization of libraries;
  • country reports; developing countries - project reports.

Course Basics