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Advanced Course on Managing Intellectual Property in the Book Publishing Industry (DL-401)

This course provides practical information to publishers to increase their understanding of how to manage intellectual property (IP) rights in a business context.  Rooted in the conventional practices of publishing houses, the course offers guidance to publishers, among others, on the legitimate exploitation of IP rights as economic assets. The course addresses all types of literary works, such as textbooks, newspapers, magazines and corporate literature.

The complex issues relating to digital and electronic publishing lie outside the scope of this course. The learning objectives and legal statements in the course have a universal value and are not substitute for national copyright legislation nor should they be used as a substitute for professional advice on specific laws.


The course is comprised of two substantive modules sub-divided into 12 distinct units and a final exam:

  • Module A: Unit A1 - Negotiating with authors: copyright ownership
  • Module A: Unit A2 - Moral rights and ethical responsibilities
  • Module A: Unit A3 - Publisher-author contracts
  • Module A: Unit A4 - Negotiating with authors: financial agreements
  • Module A: Unit A5 - Working with other content suppliers
  • Module A: Unit A6 - Terminating the agreement
  • Module B: Unit B1 - Negotiating publishing partnerships
  • Module B: Unit B2 - Benefiting from subsidiary rights – buying, selling and licensing
  • Module B: Unit B3 - Book fairs
  • Module B: Unit B4 - Managing copyright assets
  • Module B: Unit B5 - Managing online copyright and licensing
  • Module B: Unit B6 - Copyright infringement
  • Final Exam

Academic support is provided by experienced tutors who are expert practitioners in the field of IP.

Final Exam and Certificate

There is a written final exam for which participants must compose written responses within a specified timeframe which are submitted, via the eLearning platform. Participants are individually contacted regarding modalities to access the final exam approximately one week prior to the completion deadline of the course.

Participants who pass the DL-401 final exam are awarded a certificate of completion for the course. 


This course targets people seeking an in-depth knowledge in IP and publishing. Registrants are strongly recommended to possess knowledge of IP or have completed courses: DL-101, DL-201 or DL-202.


Course basics

  • Duration - Approx. 80 hours of study time over a period of ten weeks.
  • Language - English
  • Tuition Fees

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