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Patent Information Search (DL-318)

This advanced course on Patent Information Search aims to introduce and illustrate comprehensively the concepts of searching patent information. Practical activities have been incorporated throughout the course to complement theoretical principles that underpin patent information searching. Course participants are also furnished with in-depth information regarding sources, techniques and data used during patent searches.


The course consists of seven substantive modules and a written final exam.

  • Module 1: The Value of Patent Information
  • Module 2: Patent Searching Activities and the Strategic Use of Patent Information
  • Module 3: Techniques for Searching Patent Documents (11 drills)
  • Module 4: Patent Information Search Training
  • Module 5: Caution and Risks of Patent Searching
  • Module 6: Patent Searching - Practical Aspects (14 search drills)
  • Module 7: Intellectual Property Development Issues (2 search drills)
  • Final Exam

Academic support is provided throughout each module by experienced tutors who are expert practitioners in the field of intellectual property (IP).

Final Exam and Certificate

There is a written final exam at the end of this course for which participants are required to compose written responses to a series of questions within a specified timeframe and submit their responses, via the eLearning platform, to their tutors for marking. Participants are individually contacted regarding modalities for accessing the final exam approximately one week prior to the deadline for completion of the DL-318 course.

Participants who pass the DL-318 final exam are awarded a certificate of completion for the course.


The course targets staff in IP offices and research and development institutions, legal practitioners and university students with knowledge of IP. It is highly recommended that participants who do not have knowledge of IP take the General Course on IP (DL-101) and Patents (DL-301) prior to enrolling.


Course basics

  • Duration - Approx. 120 hours of study time over a period of twelve weeks
  • Language - English
  • Tuition Fees

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