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Arbitration and Mediation Procedure under the WIPO Rules (DL-317)

This intermediate level course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the main features and advantages of the procedures designed by the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center. The course seeks to generate in-depth knowledge of the selection process to choosing the most adequate dispute resolution procedure for particular cases and the best methods for identifying the most appropriate dispute resolution clauses for insertion into agreements.


The course consists of four substantive modules and a final exam:

  • Module 1: The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
  • Module 2: Mediation
  • Module 3: Arbitration and Expedited Arbitration
  • Module 4: Conducting the Arbitration
  • Final Exam

Academic support is provided throughout each module by experienced tutors who are expert practitioners in the field of intellectual property (IP).

Final Exam and Certificate

There is a written final exam at the end of this course for which participants are required to compose written responses to a series of questions within a specified timeframe and submit their responses, via the eLearning platform, to their tutors for marking. Participants are individually contacted regarding modalities for accessing the final exam approximately one week prior to the deadline for completion of the DL-317 course.

Participants who pass the DL-317 final exam are awarded a certificate of completion for the course.


This course is designed for individuals who already possess a working knowledge of the fundamental concepts of IP law. It is a useful tool for persons who generate and/or seek to protect various forms of IP and wish to gain a more comprehensive understanding of dispute settlement procedure under the WIPO Rules.

It is strongly recommended that registrants are functionally knowledgeable in IP or have already passed either the General Course on IP (DL-101) or Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property (DL-202).

Course basics

  • Duration - Approx. 60 hours of study time over a period of seven weeks
  • Languages - English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Tuition Fees

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