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PCT Distance Learning Course: Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (DL-101PCT)

This course is a specialist foundation course developed by WIPO experts on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). It aims to provide participants with an introduction and general overview of the PCT, the system that facilitates the international registration of patents.

The content and methodology of all “General Primer” courses are structured to complement self-directed learning. As such, participants are able to review course material at their own pace.


The DL101-PCT course is comprised of fourteen modules:

  • Module 1: What is the PCT?
  • Module 2: Why Use the PCT?
  • Module 3: Preparing the PCT Application
  • Module 4: Filing the PCT Application
  • Module 5: Electronic Filing Using PCT-SAFE
  • Module 6: Patent Agents and Common Representatives
  • Module 7: The International Search and Written Opinion of the ISA
  • Module 8: International Publication
  • Module 9: International Preliminary Examination
  • Module 10: Entry into the National Phase
  • Module 11: Special International Phase Procedures
  • Module 12: Procedures for Inventions in the Field of Biotechnology
  • Module 13: Access by Third Parties to the File of a PCT Application
  • Module 14: PCT Outlook

Final Exam and Certificate

There is no final exam or certificate at the end of this course.

Self-assessment tools are strategically placed throughout each module to assist participants with gauging their respective levels of knowledge and progress, as well as their ability to apply the concepts and facts presented within the course.


This course is open to any individual wishing to obtain a general understanding of the PCT system.

Course Basics

  • Duration - approx. 3 hours
  • Languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • Tuition - free-of-charge


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