Master Degree in Patent Law - Haifa

This Master's Program is offered jointly with the WIPO Academy, the Haifa Center for Law and Technology and the University of Haifa.  It covers a year of one academic year from October 19, 2014 to October 25, 2015.


The Program PDF, Provisional program, International Masters Program in Patent Law offers academic scientists and engineering professionals a comprehensive training for practicing patent law in a global environment. It provides academic training in Intellectual Property and Business Law with advanced practical experience in patents and technology transfer.  Lectures are given by leading academics, legal practitioners, intellectual property (IP) experts drawn from various universities and law firms.  The program includes:

  • Introductory courses in law
  • Introductory courses in IP law
  • Advanced courses in patent law

All courses incorporate the theoretical and doctrinal foundations of the legal regime as well as the practical aspects of the particular areas of law.

Course basics


Upon successful completion of the Program, participants will be awarded a Master's Degree in Patent Law by the University of Haifa on behalf of WIPO.


Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences, computer science or any field of engineering.

Candidates are expected to have an excellent knowledge of English.

A total of 20 places are available in the program.


Registration for this Program is open until July 28, 2014. 

Any person fulfilling the above mentioned requirements is invited to send a duly completed application PDF, Application Form, International Masters Program in Patent Law, detailed curriculum vitae, copies of university diplomas and transcripts, and any other appropriate supporting documents to Ms. Lily Fabish-Schor at


WIPO offers three fellowships for qualified candidates from developing countries, least developed countries and countries with economies in transition.

WIPO scholarships are awarded to government officials and persons working in the public sector such as universities, academies, and research and development institutions. The WIPO Scholarship covers travel (in economy class); tuition (US$9,000), medical insurance (US$375), accommodation (US$5,520) and food allowance (US$5,000) for the duration of the program.

For the WIPO scholarship, apply online as provided in WIPO Scholarships online applications, and contact, if necessary,