Intensive Course on IP and Business Entrepreneurship - Haifa

This intensive Summer Course on Intellectual Property and Business Entrepreneurship is jointly awarded by the WIPO Academy and the Faculty of Law of the University of Haifa


This program offers professional academic training for scientists and engineers. It deals with intellectual property (IP) and business law with high level practical experience in patent drafting and technology transactions.  Subjects covered include:

  • Strategic and organizational challenges related to monetizing IP and turning it into a corporate asset
  • Role of IP in Designing a Business Strategy
  • Practical steps related to new ventures
  • Incorporation of IP into a business plan
  • Commercialization of IP
  • Collaborating with venture capitals and entrepreneurs
  • Fundamental principles of IP
  • Managing innovation in different sectors
  • Write a business plan related to innovative technologies
  • Interact with entrepreneurs, executives, investors and venture capital fund managers.

Course Basics


Upon satisfactory completion of the program, participants will receive a Certificate of IP and Business Entrepreneurship.


Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in natural sciences, computer science or any field of engineering.  They should primarily be teachers or researchers of IP in a university or research and development institution.


Registration for this Intensive Course is open until May 15, 2014.  Applications should be sent in the form of a motivation letter and curriculum vitae to Ms. Lily Faibish-Schor, Program Coordinator at  The course dates are from June 29, 2014 to August 1, 2014.


WIPO offers three to ten scholarships to highly motivated persons from developing countries, least-developed countries and countries with economies in transition. Each scholarship includes provision of air ticket, accommodation at the University of Haifa, tuition fees, study visits, and a per diem for the duration of the course.

For the WIPO scholarship, apply online as provided in WIPO Scholarships online applications, and contact, if necessary,