Symposium of IP Academies - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

March 21 to 23, 2007

WIPO jointly organized with the National Institute for Industrial Property of Brazil, a first ever symposium for Intellectual Property (IP) Academies from March 21 to 23, 2007.

Academic institutions from various parts of the world participated in the Symposium. Representatives discussed the various educational, training and research activities and the challenges they face in carrying them out. They reviewed the nature of the target groups they served, the education programs offered by them and the methodologies and pedagogy employed in offering those educational programs.

As an outcome for this Symposium, the Heads of IP Academies agreed on the need to cooperate in various ways including in the offering of face to face education, distance or e-learning programs and in carrying out IP research.

In order to enhance increased cooperation for maximum impact, the Heads of IP Academies adopted a Declaration (Rio Declaration) spelling out various ways for their cooperation. They agreed to create a Global Network of IP Academies and, among other activities, to cooperate in designing performance indicators to be used as benchmarks for their activities, strengthen international cooperation and sharing experiences and to plan common goals. 

Actionable Elements

A list of actionable elements included in the Rio Declaration PDF, Rio Declaration are as follows:

  • The creation of a section on the WIPO Academy web site for use by the members of the IP Network including in particular:
    • a billboard for exchange of views and information and cooperation in education, training, and research activities;
    • an international survey of key figures and facts with regard to IP education and research;
    • educational materials which result from mutual cooperation.
  • The feasibility of creation of an International Journal on Intellectual Property and innovation;
  • The exchange of educational materials;
  • The examination of the compatibility of e-learning management platforms;
  • The provision of translation services on IP educational material.