SRP Results Framework

The goal of the SRP Results Framework is to measure success of the SRP in December 2011 (implementation mid-point) and December 2012 (end date).


Designed holistically with simplicity, achievability, efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

Components / structure

  • 1 dashboard. The SRP results framework will deliver a dashboard in Q1 2012 and Q1 2013;
  • 1 SRP results framework (annex 1 of baseline report);
  • 4 core Values;
  • 16 outcome indicators (4 per Value);
  • 47 detailed indicators (contribute to the 16 outcome indicators);
  • detailed indicator definition (annex 2 of baseline report);
  • core values staff survey

Targets and interpretation of results

  • Stakeholders include: member states, oversight bodies; external stakeholders; staff , specifically Senior Management Team (SMT) members; and SRP project leaders and the SRP Program Management Office;
  • Detailed indicators are a blend of different types, all aimed to measure across the Organization and not one unit specifically:
    • Existing quantitative indicators used where possible, such as aligning with P&B;
    • Existing qualitative goals, such as implementing IT strategy;
    • New quantitative indicators developed for SRP;
    • New qualitative indicators developed for SRP;
  • Each outcome indicator will be given a red-yellow-green status at end of each year, based on the performance of the detailed indicators.

Next steps

The Strategic Realignment Program is now complete.

Annual SRP results framework

  • March 2011 PDF, SRP Baseline Report, March 2011 (also available in French PDF, Grille d'évaluation du programme de réorientation stratégique, mars 2011) (measured at December 31, 2010)
  • May 2012 PDF, SRP Baseline Report, March 2011 (measured at December 31, 2011)
  • May 2013 PDF, SRP Baseline Report, March 2011 (measured at December 31, 2012)